(Rumor) iPhone 14 Will Have Up To 2TB Storage Capacity

 iPhone is one of the smartphone series that has quite a lot of users around the world. Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few who use the iPhone as their main cell phone. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many news and rumors that discuss the iPhone. Including rumors related to the iPhone 14 which was recently known to have circulated widely in the public. 

The latest iPhone 14 rumor itself was spread by a site called MyDrivers. MyDrivers site is a Chinese-language site that discusses information about gadgets and technology. According to the MyDrivers site, Apple will increase the storage or internal capacity of the iPhone 14. Then, what is the storage capacity on

According to the MyDrivers site article, the iPhone 14 will have a storage capacity option of 2TB. In addition, the MyDrivers site mentions that the iPhone 14 will have a new storage technology. The storage technology that according to MyDrivers will be adopted by Apple in the iPhone 14 is called QLC Flash Storage. Details of QLC Flash Storage are still unknown, but the storage technology is said to be better than the previous generation iPhone.Furthermore, if the rumors are true, then the iPhone 14 capacity option can be said to be a 100% increase compared to the iPhone 13. For those who don't know, the iPhone 13 has a storage capacity that reaches a maximum of 1TB. The storage capacity is in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max series, while for the Regular and Mini series, the maximum storage capacity is 512GB. Meanwhile, the public is now curious about the release time of the iPhone 14 smartphone.Since Apple almost always releases regular iPhone series every year, the iPhone 14 release schedule will be in 2022. Leaker Jon Prosser predicts, the possibility of iPhone 14 will be released by Apple in September next year. However, Jon Prosser did not mention the exact release date in September 2022.So, that's some interesting information related to the MyDrivers site that spreads rumors regarding the new iPhone 14 storage capacity of 2TB. Keep up to date with the latest news only on MakeMac to find out more updates about iPhone 14. (*)


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