Russia killed four in Odessa, gives eight months for demobilization bill - LIVE

On the morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are repulsing the enemy: as of 04/09/2024, 449,250 invaders, thousands of units of military equipment (347 aircraft, 325 helicopters, 7,110 tanks, 13,620 armored vehicles, 11,386 artillery systems and 1,039 MLRS) were destroyed.



On the night of April 11, Russian troops attacked energy infrastructure facilities in four regions of Ukraine.


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Ukraine hopes to receive at least seven Patriot batteries from partners and allies as quickly as possible to strengthen its defense.


On the night of April 11, an air alert was declared throughout Ukraine due to a Russian attack using kamikaze drones and missile weapons. There were explosions in Kharkov - problems with energy supply in the city are known.

The Ministry of Defense reported that the parliamentary committee on national security and defense recommended developing a new bill on demobilization within eight months , and it should take into account all possible scenarios at the front in order to prevent a weakening of the state’s defense capability. The General Staff and the Ministry of Defense will work on the new document.



Ukraine needs air defense systems and combat aircraft that can help protect cities from Russian terror. President Vladimir Zelensky stated this in his address to the Delphi Economic Forum , emphasizing that Ukraine is not asking for too much.


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