SAD:How Nigerian Soldier Beat 22-Year-Old Boy To Death For Slapping His Daughter In Church

A sad incident has been reported of how a Nigerian soldier, identified as Adeoye Oluwole and some of his colleagues tortured and beat a 22-year-old boy mercilessly to death.

It was gathered that Adeoye's daughter, identified as Precious Adeoye and the 22-year-old boy, Hope Tava Anthony had a misunderstanding in the church.

Acccording to report,it was gathered that Precious insulted their Reverend Father and when Anthony tried to correct her,she insulted Anthony and his late father which made Anthony to slap her.

The incident was later settled by church elders and both of them were given punishment.

Sources however disclosed that when Precious got home,she told her father what happened in the church between her and Anthony.

Precious father was said to have picked up Anthony and took him to the Army Barracks,where he was mercilessly beaten and tortured.

Reaching home, Anthony did not tell his mother what happened,but complained about headache and body pain and said he wanted to rest.

But sadly,he went to bed and never woke alive.

When he was taken to hospital for examination,the doctors confirmed he died of severe internal bleeding.

The widowed mother is totally devastated as Anthony was her only child. Details of the authorities action is still Sketchy as no statement have issued on the incident.

A close relative of the late Anthony's mother who did not want being mentioned said the family want justice to be served.


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