See The Plane Up Close

We know planes as transportation that can take us through air travel. Has a high speed so that it can make anyone able to go to any country quickly.. Most aircraft use diesel fuel. Unlike car fuel.  This fuel actually has a better impact on the environment. To control the plane requires an expert pilot. Airplanes are transportation that really depends on the state of the terrain in the air. Smog, heavy rain, even lightning. Can be an obstacle in flight. With a variety of control buttons, one must be able to know the function carefully. Until now planes are still a mainstay if someone wants to go many kilometers away. With a cost that is not too expensive depending on our goals. Aircraft at this time have a fairly high security system. Along with the development of technology.  But even so, accidents still happen often.

Some accidents on planes are caused by many factors, including :

1. Different climatic conditions

With changing areas. Then automatically the weather changes completely. Often accidents occur when smog conditions obscure the view. Covering the high mountain that was a barrier for the plane to advance. Otherwise the heavy rain makes the plane hard to steer. Worse yet, lightning can damage aircraft components, causing them to lose control.

2. System failure

Technology is not without its drawbacks. Like a computer, errors can occur. Makes it lose its function as usual. Damage to the radar system, for example, which makes it unable to detect what is around it.

3. Inexperienced pilot

The only one who is a mainstay in the steering of the plane is the pilot. Professional pilots are able to control the situation. Whether it's when turning, going up, down, or stopping. This keeps everything in place. Meanwhile, inexperienced pilots can have difficulty controlling the aircraft in a dangerous terrain. Especially when there is a sudden condition that requires a quick response. Like a fuel leak.

Based on the history of the aircraft was first created in 1889 on the basis of the wishes of the Wright brothers who wanted to fly like birds. Finally, after repeated experiments they succeeded in creating the first aircraft, which was named the Wright Flyer. Then people began to develop the concept of the plane. Until it becomes what we see today.

The design of the aircraft is made in such a way as to balance the flight with changing air conditions. For example, the wings are made slightly curved. This is in addition to helping lift the weight of the aircraft. Also can make the plane freely move up and down quickly. While the tail is made sticking up so that it can balance itself when turning left and right.

The comparison between planes and helicopters is that planes can be occupied by many people while helicopters can only accommodate at least two people. In addition, based on the control system. Helicopters are more difficult to control. While the plane is rather light.

Actually even though it is said to be better for the environment. The existence of aircraft fuel is diesel. It is still said to be able to spread carbon dioxide gas even though it is a little. Therefore, there are times when aircraft fuel must be replaced with new one. This is due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide then global warming is increasing. Global warming can cause sea level rise due to melting glaciers. If sea level rises then soil erosion can occur. May also result in partial animal habitat lost.


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