Shiva Panchakshara Strotram - Benefits of Chanting

Lord Shiva is One of the major and most powerful God of Hinduism.He is one among the Tridev.Lord Shiva along with Lord Brahma and Narayan together do the work of creating,sustaining and destroying the universe.Among these Destruction of the universe is Lord Shiva's work ehich he does so that Lord Brahma can again create a new universe.Lord Brahma creates this Universe and Lord Vishnu takes the maintainance job of this Universe.



If you Receive Mahadev i.e  Lord Shiva who is also known as Devon ke dev(God of Gods)then no one in the universe can't even touch you i.e no one in the Universe can cause any harm to you.If Lord Shiva's blessings is with you then your whole life will be taken care by him.You need not keep any tensions in your mind.Everything will be taken care by him.

Its actually much more easy to please Lord Shiva as compared to other Gods.Lord Shiva gets pleased very easily.One of his name is  Bholenath also.You can pray to Lord Shiva any day but do pray on Monday as Monday is the Day of Lord Shiva.

The Panchakshara Strotram was composed by Guru Adi Shankaracharya,who was a great sage of Advaita doctrine.It's lyrics are a description of Lord Shiva’s divine qualities and it praises his association with Panchakshari mantra ‘Namah Shivaya’. It begins with the hymn Nagendra Haraya Trilochanaya, where the first two letters of each word  combined with the Shiva Panchakshara Stotram lyrics-- Na, Ma, Si, Va, and Ya represent the five basic elements namely earth, water, fire, air and space.




Nagendra haraya Trilochanaya


Bhasmanga ragaya Maheswaraya

Nithyaya shuddhaya Digambaraya

Tasmai Nakaraya Namah Shivaya


The one who has snakes acting as his ornaments,the three eyed God

The one who applies Holy Ash all over his body,the greatest God(Maheshwara)

Who is pure,forever,and wears directions as his clothes(Digambara)

Salutations to Lord Shiva who is represented by syllable NA in Namah Shivaya


Mandakini salila chandana charchitaya

Nandeeswara pramadha nadha Maheswaraya

Mandara pushpa bahupushpa supujithaya

Tasmai Makaraya Namah Shivaya



The God who wears Sandalwood paste which has been prepared with the Mandakini Water

Who is Lord of Ganas,Nandi,and others,who is the Greatest God

The one who is Worshipped with flowers like Hibiscus

I Salute to that Lord Shiva,who is represented by syllable MA in Namah Shivaya



Shivaaya Gouri vadanabja brunda

Suryaya Daksha dwara naasakaya

Sri Neelakantaya Vrushadhvajaya

Tasmai Sikaraya Namah Shivaya



The God who blossoms Lotus like face of Gowri as a Sun

The destroyer of Daksha's sacrifice

The one with blue throat and has a Bull symbol on his Flag

Salutations to the God Shiva who is represented by syllable SI in Namah Shivaya



Vasistha kumbhodbhava Gauthamarya

Muneendra Devarchitha shekaraya

Chandrarka vaiswanara lochanaya

Tasmai Vakaraya Namah Shivaya



He is worshipped by Agastya,Vasistha,Gowthama and other such great Sages

The one who is worshipped by the Gods and has the crown of matted Hair

Who has Sun,Moon and Fire as his Three Eyes

My Salutations to the Lord Shiva,represented by syllable VA in Namah Shivaya



Yagna swaroopaya Jathadharaya

Pinaka hastaya Sanathanaya

Divyaya devaya Digambaraya

Tasmai Yakaraya Namah Shivaya


The One who has tufted hair and is the embodiment of yagna

Who has Bow named Pinaka in his hand,who is Natural and Eternal

Who is Divine and wears directions as his clothes

My Salutations to you Lord Shiva,who is represented by syllable YA in Namah Shivaya



Panchaksharamidam punyam yah patheschiva sannidhau

Shivalokamavapnothi sivena saha modathe


One who chants this Panchakshara Stotram mantra in the abode of Lord Shiva will get the punya of attaining the Shivaloka and enjoys the God’s compassion. The one who chants this mantra in the temple or Puja area will get his blessings and live with him forever.

Benefits of This Strotram

The mantra is all about understanding Lord Shiva especially for devotees and to know his importance. It is said that the Shiva Panchakshara stotram helps increase the devotional spirit in the devotee and gets them closer to Lord Shiva. 

Sages also believe that this mantra transports you to the dive nature and its syllables is basically sound therapy for the soul, mid and body.

Some other Benefits

  • Shri shiv Panchakshar Strotra will help to success in life.
  • If you chant this mantra daily then you will feel the inner energy.
  • This mantra helps to get over stress and pain.
  • Panchakshar stotra used for wishes fulfillment and get blessings by LordShiva.
  • This mantra helps you to remove negetive energy.


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