Software For Various Jobs

Have you ever been confused when you wanted to do something in cyberspace. You may want to do an assignment there. Regardless it's for individuals, individuals, or groups. Hundreds of software are present on the internet. But not all can be trusted. Sometimes the designs look good. But its capabilities are not as expected when installed on the device. Likewise in the playstore. Various forms of application are available. But the quality is not good. So which software should we choose. Here are some software that are proven to be of good quality :

A. Microsoft Word

A software that functions to process words. With Microsoft Word, we can create newspapers, invitations, official documents, and papers. Whatever the purpose, this tool can be used for anything related to word writing. There are many tools that we can use to design the various words we type. Where there is no limit to the number of pages.

B. Microsoft Excel

In business. At least there is statistical summation activity. Through Microsoft Excel we can create graphs, compose tables, and perform data calculations.  Therefore, processing time becomes more efficient. Given the increasing needs of people.

C. Microsoft Powerpoint

To tell the crowd. We need to present something. Of course displaying it as raw material that is not edited is not worth seeing. In Microsoft PowerPoint we can create words in a chart, add special effects, and set the length of time for a display of the file to be presented. So that the hours that have passed will not be felt because of the unique texture.

D. Photoshop

Very useful for editing images.  Maybe you include people who like to change photos. From Photoshop we can brighten colors, remove blemishes, and cut out parts that are not important for photos that will later be printed. Even you will be surprised by the difference in your own photos.

E. Corel Draw

This software is here for people who want to paint in cyberspace. The presence of corel draw can make us form free images with brushes, color them with coloring boxes, and combine them with other images if needed into one canvas. So many tools seem to put us like a professional painter. You can get creative with it.

F. Kine Master

Are you one of those people who want to edit videos? A tool called kine master has the function to change the size as desired, how long the recording time, and the addition of special sounds to it. You can also combine one video with another video through this software. Although sometimes the process is a bit long.

G. Evernote

For those of you who have a lot of things to note. Busy sometimes makes us not have time to do it. The specialty of evernote is that it allows us to create various notes, plan an outline of what we want or don't want to do, and share notes with friends. And the advantage is that we will not lose data because it is stored through cloud storage.

The software above may be just a little of what we know. But it doesn't hurt you to try it. If one of the lists there is not as desired. You can try other software. But considering that its users have reached more than 1,000,000 people. Guaranteed the software will be able to meet what you expect. Indeed, not all computers or Android are compatible with the software above. All you have to do is find the version that suits your platform. Armeabi, x86, x64, quad core, quantum, Whatever processor you are using now. Don't hesitate to install it. Start downloading if today you still have internet quota.


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