Some old lifehacks that are still relevant today

Some old lifehacks that are still relevant today  


The following simple tricks were invented a hundred years ago but remain relevant even now. Tips tested by generations are not simple fictions that can be found on the Internet. Wisdom should be used and all things will be performed more easily and much faster. A selection of the following tips proven by our great-great-great-grandmothers are sure to come in handy in the household and daily routine. 


1. Slicing bread 

It is interesting how some important details can make the meal not just a snack but a real break with delicious food and beautiful serving helps. For example, cutting the bread. After all, if it is sliced thin and neat with beautiful slices it will be much more enjoyable to eat and there are fewer calories with a seemingly large amount. However, there are often problems with thin slices - bread crumbles and breaks. To avoid this problem you need to use a simple technique: dip the knife in hot water then wipe it quickly and start cutting the bread.  


2. Removing ink stains 

It seems that if ink gets on your clothes it is impossible to wash them. But this is not the case and to remedy the situation you need to act quickly. A fabric with a fresh ink stain is dipped in milk then all the ink itself will quickly come off. If any traces remain you need to wash the thing in the normal mode.  


3. Removing a splinter 

There is a universal method that helps to remove any splinter from the skin, even the smallest one. And it can be done painlessly and quickly. All you need for first aid is to take a small jar, warm the inside of it with steam or hot water and then place it on the skin over the splinter. Since there is an increased pressure inside the glass jar or glass the splinter will come out of the skin by itself. You just need to make sure that the jar or glass is tight to the skin, with no gaps. Usually 5 seconds is enough for the trick to work. If necessary, you can repeat it if the splinter did not come out the first time.  


4. Fresh bouquet 

Even if the flowers have started to wilt there are plenty of tips on how to bring them back to freshness. Some people say to add aspirin or alcohol to the water, or recommend to soak overnight in a tub of cold water. But for some reason only few people remember the old proven method according to which you need to put the flowers in hot water and after it cools, cut the ends of the stems and put the bouquet in cold water. It seems amazing but it works. 


5. Separating the glasses

After washing the dishes, or even during this process, it often happens that two glasses that put one into another stick together and do not want to separate in any way. To quickly solve the problem you need to use proven tricks of physics. Drop the lower cup in hot water and pour some cold water into the upper one. Such a simple trick will help to quickly separate them.  


6. Long fire 

During outdoor recreation or camping you can often encounter the problem when matches go out quickly. To make their fire more resistant to nature you need to make several notches on them with a knife. This will help to strengthen the flame so that it will be much easier to make a fire.


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