Specialized Isolation

"Culturally in Indonesia, it is very common to have more than one family sharing one house, even three families in one house is not uncommon so, this will create family cluster," he said.

He also said it's difficult to stop asymptomatic people from leaving their homes.

"They can easily be moving around and infecting others," he said.

Death toll rising

Indonesia's daily number of cases may have halved since July, but it's still reporting the world's highest death toll each day -- about 1,500 people compared to 490 in India and 342 in the United States.

The crisis has delayed the country's vaccination rollout, and now officials are racing to double the number of daily doses to at least two million.

The country is aiming to vaccinate 208 million of its population of 270 million people, though that is some way off.

As of August 13, less than 10% of Indonesians had received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

In the meantime, Taufiq and his team of undertakers stand ready to help, if and when they're required.

Taufiq says his day starts with a prayer for his and his team's safety -- and ends with one for those who succumb to the virus.

He says his faith has kept him going through several difficult weeks.

"My family are afraid and scared that I will get infected and bring the virus (home) to them. But I convinced them (it was safe), and they also pray for me," he added.


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