Sponge cake with strawberries


For the sponge cake:

Butter for greasing the cake tin - 10 g

flour - 120g + some more for making the cake

eggs - 6 units

sugar - 105 g

vanilla sugar - 1 tsp.

For the cream and decorations:

strawberries - 700-750 g

cream (35%) - 750 ml

powdered sugar - 100-120 grams

mint - 1 twig

For the soaking:

berry syrup or liqueur - 50 ml

drinking water - 1 tbsp.


Step 1

Prepare a cake pan of 23-24 cm in diameter with 6-7 cm high rims for baking: grease with butter and sprinkle with flour. Shake off any excess. Preheat the oven to 170°C.

Step 2.

Prepare the strawberry shortcake. Separate the eggs into whites and yolks. Place the egg whites in the refrigerator until needed. Sieve the flour twice through a fine sieve.

Step 3.

In a large bowl, beat the yolks with a mixer on high speed with 45 g of the regular sugar and all the vanilla for 2-3 minutes. The mixture should become airy, thick, and pale yellow in color. Pour the sifted flour over the top, but do not stir.

Step 4.

In another bowl, beat the whites with a mixer on medium speed until soft and coarse bubbles form. Continuing to whisk on high speed, gradually add 60 g of sugar. Beat until stiff peaks are obtained, which will make any future cake biscuit especially fluffy.

Step 5.

Using a silicone spatula, introduce a third of the whites into the egg yolk mixture, depositing them on the flour. Gently mix with a top-down motion just until smooth. Then enter the remaining whites in two batches. Place the sponge cake batter into the mold and smooth it out.

Step 6.

Bake the strawberry cake base for 35-40 minutes. The finished biscuit should spring slightly when pressed on its surface. Take the mold out of the oven and place on the rack. Allow to rest for 10 minutes.

Step 7.

Run a knife along the inside of the mold walls to separate the biscuit from them. Turn over and let the cake base cool completely on the rack. Then cut the biscuit into two or three cakes.

Step 8.

Wash, dry and peel the strawberries. Dice two-thirds of the berries and cut the rest into halves. Whisk the chilled cream with the powdered sugar with a mixer. Separate about a third of the cream. Add diced strawberries to the rest.

Step 9.

Prepare the filling for the strawberry cake sponge cake. Heat syrup or liqueur with water. Allow to cool slightly, then brush the bottom layer of the sponge cake with the syrup and cover with half of the cream

Step 10.

Spread half of the remaining whipped cream on the sides and top of the strawberry cake. Place in the fridge for 1 hour. Before serving, garnish the top of the cake with the remaining, berry halves and mint leaves.


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