"Squid Game": why the world is obsessed with the bloody South Korean series

"Squid Game": the plot of the mega-popular series

According to the plot of the series "Squid Game", a group of 456 losers, who owe huge amounts of money, are invited to take part in a fascinating quest, promising an unthinkable cash prize. Torn by the circumstances of life, these people agree and get into closed territory. And here begins the scariest part of the chase for $38 million. Each, it would seem, harmless and child's play turns into a competition for survival in the truest sense. All of us familiar entertainment "The quieter the ride, the farther you'll be" ends in the first series of the series with a brutal execution of the "weak". The first game ended with a mass shooting of the participants. The first game ended with the mass shooting of the participants. Interestingly, the death game could end if the majority supported the idea. Which happened, but, you would not believe, after a while the most desperate returned voluntarily to this "trap" of fate, where it comes even to the players killing each other. Angry, fueled by the thought of a rich life, they can't handle their greed.

"The Squid Game": why the viewer gets sucked into a vortex of bloody events

Each episode of "Squid Game" keeps the viewer in suspense, because it is difficult to predict what elaborate ordeal will fall out this time. It is interesting that the creators of the drama chose the method of "defocus" on the characters: each character is interesting, each sincerely empathize or hate, pity or wish to see as soon as possible dead. The Death Race involves an incorrigible gambler (Song Ki Hoon), an old man suffering from dementia, a bankrupt financier, a refugee from Pakistan, and a North Korean girl who has run away in search of a better life.

Sung Ki-Hoon is a gambling loser.

Sung Ki Hoon is a gambling loser.

Warning, severe spoiler: you will be utterly surprised when you learn in the final episode of the series about the true role of Player 001.

Squid Game" series visuals

Special attention should be paid to the scenery in "The Squid Game": the viewer constantly feels that he is a participant in a video game, sometimes some elements of the interior or clothing of the characters cause sincere bewilderment. Think of the "money sun" over the heads of the players, the glamorous coffin with a bow, the animal masks of the VIPs.

"The Money Sun in the Squid Game series

"Money Sunshine" in the TV series "The Squid Game."

Sometimes a beautiful pastel picture is dissonant with the bloody scenes, and this technique was appreciated by many who watched the dystopia. And to some, the labyrinthine staircases are at all reminiscent of Tim Burton's universe.

The magic of numbers in the "Squid Game" series.

The antiutopia consists of 9 episodes, 456 players take part in a deadly game, one of the VIPs bets on the player with the number 69, and when he dies, the winner gets 45,6 billion Won. So there are numbers 6 and 9 on the show.

Power in money?

"The Squid Game" raised a painful topic not only for the people of South Korea - poverty and the capitalist structure of the world with crazy competition.

Yes, unfortunately, in today's world a lot depends on the thickness of your wallet or the zeros in your bank account. And often people in the pursuit of wealth and prosperity lose common sense, a sense of dignity and - most importantly - the present. This is what the creators of "The Squid Game" show us, though in a hyperbolized form.

The outcome of each game is hard to predict

The outcome of each game is hard to predict

Willy-nilly after watching the series you begin to wonder: would I be able to take such a lethal bargain, offered me $ 38 million? How would I behave in this game, would I be able to save a human face during the shocking experience? Which is more important, winning or helping others?

Will there be a second season of The Squid Game?

The finale of the first season of the series leaves no doubt: there will be a sequel! "Squid Game" creator Hwang Dong Heck himself said that he already has some ideas for a potential second season. Well, we're waiting for the official announcement of the new season.


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