Temples Becoming Industrial Halls

The city of Chennai is always bustling. Humans who act like machines. It is a city where both men and women work tirelessly. Not all humans have a hunger for agility. My name is Ravi, and I am from the Southern District of Tamil Nadu. I have been living in Chennai for the last several years.


I am working in a private company. I have a lot of godliness. Whatever I start with, I will start with the worship of God. I used to go to the Amman temple near where I live every week.


Goddess is a very powerful Sami. When I went to the temple in the early days, when I went near the temple gate, the shopkeepers in the area would tie the knot and compete to buy from me, but they would say everything was too expensive.


I used to go to the temple every week and get used to a shop on a regular basis. I will buy everything from them whenever I go, and all the items will be at a fair price. Once inside the temple there are three ways to see the Goddess One Is the Dharma Darshan and the other is the paid Darshan for fifty rupees and the third VIP Darshan.


I will go to Dharmadarsana if the crowd is less, I will go to Dharma Darshan if the crowd is more. All the shrines in the temple will be given a separate homage if it is placed on a plate otherwise it will get a different reception. The money will be given and the lighting will be given with respect.


Going into the temple in the early days I did not understand that much but day by day everything became clear. Many places in the temple precincts ask for money. A woman and a twenty-three-year-old respectable woman stood near the Murugan shrine of the temple and asked if I could help my girl get married and I sympathized that it was a sin in the early days.


From there I went to the next shrine where a woman asked me if I could take the fold for not having a baby and I sympathized with that. If you go outside the sanctuary, the monk and the beggars can leave something for them.


I went back to the temple the next week and as usual Sami darshan as usual all the events took place everywhere. I bought the fork at the shop inside the temple and then the woman who asked for the fold that was married bought the fork. At the time I was skeptical of them. The real thing I suspected was that they found out through the important person that they were cheaters.


I see this when I go every week, but I don’t put money into it.

I think in my mind, if we put a dharsanam on one side of the temple, we will notice the special pits on the other side. It is heartbreaking that the temple has become such a place of business.


For me I will say Goddess is very powerful. Whatever we think it all happens will bring peace of mind. So, I will not go to the temple anytime. I have often wondered how so many mistakes happen in the presence of such a powerful Sami that those who make mistakes do not understand the courage.


I went to the temple because devotion aside I knew what was going on in the community and how people were acting without it. Even in the temple I could see the importance of money as a profession. It is very sad to see so many people selling their conscience and acting for money. Some people work hard and engage in disgusting activities. They act without fear of God. Temples need to be transformed into a place of making money like this. There are so many temples like this all need to be modified. We need to change the temples that are turning into industries and correct those who do it and those who promote it.  


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