Ten Smartphone Apps That Can Earn You Money

These ten smartphone apps allow users to earn money. Human demands, however, are becoming more and more insatiable. Everyone needs to be resourceful in making the most of what they have, even cell phones, in order to meet their daily demands.

Furthermore, people can now obtain money more easily and rapidly because to technological advancements and complexity. Interested in earning income just by making money with an with an apk? Come on, take a look at the list of recommendations for the fastest money-making applications that can go directly to your account.

This money-making application utilizes the expertise of its users. So, if you have special skills, you can take advantage of one of the many money-making applications.


1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an official application developed by Google. In this application, users only need to fill out surveys and give opinions about a topic. If the survey is provided by a particular agency, then there is a fee that can be received.

2. Google Local Guides


Apart from filling out surveys, we can also earn money from Google by sharing reviews of places, sharing photos of places, answering questions, and so on. Users only need to be Google Local Guides. The more often you fill in reviews, the more users can get lots of attractive vouchers and merchandise.

3. Google Play Books

Google also has another application to make money called Google Play Book. Here, users can sell eBooks on various topics, and each purchase will provide a profit.

4. Video Snacks

Snack Video is a video-based social media application. In this application, users can earn money by making creative videos. In fact, just by watching existing videos, users will get rewards.

5. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a game application that provides more than 20 games. Users can freely play existing games and earn money. Users can also earn extra money by inviting friends.

6. Be money

JadiDuit is an original application made in Indonesia that can make money. Users only need to collect points by completing missions in the application. These points can later be exchanged for real cash.

7. Read Plus

Baca Plus is an application for reading articles and news. Every time you read an article, users will get points that can be exchanged for cash. To earn more money, users can also share content and invite friends to join.

8. CashPop

CashPop is an application for making money by completing various missions. These missions include daily check-ins, filling out surveys, and so on. Apart from money, users can also get credit, electricity tokens, quotas, and others.

9. Cash App

Cash App is a money-making application that is very easy to use. To earn it, users can watch videos, play games, fill out surveys, and many others.

10. Woilo

Woilo is an original social media application made in Indonesia. In this application, users can earn money by logging in daily, spinning daily, completing tasks with prizes, and creating content.


These ten apps allow users to earn money from their cellphones.


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