The 45-year-old Klitschko decided to return to the ring to pick up the championship belt

The former world champion in the heavyweight division, Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, who ended his career in 2017 after a repeat defeat by Briton Anthony Joshua, dreams of returning to the ring to beat the eternal record of American George Foreman as the oldest holder of the championship belt in the history of heavyweight.

According to Meta-ratings, the invincible boxer in the past conducts intensive training at the Olympic base in Koncha-Zaspa near Kiev. On May 7, the Ukrainian sparred with one of the heavyweight partners.

After the fight, the boxer agreed to answer journalists' questions and said that for the last four years, the record of Foreman, who resumed his career at the age of 45 and won the championship title, has not left his head.

The mentioned record was set in 1994 in Las Vegas in front of a 12-thousand audience. In that fight, Foreman, who was losing on points to Michael Moorer, threw a short two without a swing in the 10th round, and then with an additional blow between the gloves "turned off" the opponent and sensationally became the world champion in the fifth ten.


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