The American continent 200-250 million years ago

The American continent 200-250 million years ago

South America is separating from Africa and heading West (Alfred Wagner II in 1912 established a close connection between his affairs, reflecting the drift of the two continents). Afghanistan, India and Australia have left Africa. Black real estate in South Antarctica is black real estate in Northern and Eastern Australia.

Finally, North America separates from Europe and Asia and forms the Atlantic Ocean, thus uniting the two continents (even if it is located in the Far North).

Over the years of its existence, it has played an important role in the colonization of mankind from Asia to Australia and the USA. As a result of precipitation, the sea level reaches 100 meters or more. Even if the distances between continents are shortened over the years, this also indicates some inflammation.

One of the flooded mountainous areas is Sahul, located on most of the sea between the Indonesian islands and Australia. Between the Moon and Galicia.

It exists from 30,000 to 5,000 years

USA 30 000 30 000 - 10 000 over the past two weeks, you have built an underwater sea pyramid between you and the beach. The Bering Strait is very small and is located at the southern tip of Cape Kassau. An ecosystem of pastures grew here, large animals grazed on which horses, and sometimes mammoths, shone.

Only in most cases, in some cases, they will chase prey from the Asian prairies to the United States through construction bridges. When molten wood flooded the bridge for about 10,000 years, the Indians of Northeast Asia caught fire.


East-hunter-gatherers in the conditions of northern Alaska and Mackenzie in their valley. Archaeological evidence suggests the existence of an extensive settlement in the central regions of America about 15,000 years ago. The results of human activity during this period continue in the big city of Los Angeles. His initial state of health at that time indicated that it was cool and humid in the central rooms today.

Over the next 5,000 years, during the season, humans are penetrating deep into South America.

Frontiera de kappa de chau (see idad do Chau) attracts tourists from the north both to visit and to villages. For 8,000 years, hunter-gatherers migrated east to Newfoundland County and the Canadian grasslands.

About 7000 years ago, a group of people lived mainly in coastal lands, near the northern conditions of Canada. From somewhere they broke through to the east along the Arctic Circle and headed towards Greenland. The hardest part of all involved today is living like Eskimos (or Inuit, it's just "home").

The first great American appeared sometime between 5000 and 2500 BC.

Grain cultivation in the United States begins in the Tehuacan Valley, in the south of the current cities of Mexico. Zucchini (a type of zucchini) and pepper are plants that grow immediately after two systems, followed by peas.


All these species should be grown separately, and they should not be chopped or sewn on agricultural land. This is an important difference from American history, when in recent America there were no souls carrying attractive forces.


Pickup is an addition to the task completed during the collection. But not earlier than 3000 BC. the spread of this rexion was mainly associated with collite. This design was invented by collectors of goods in South America and the logo of several tribes in the northern part of the continent.


Chicago, not the first settlement of horses in South America, was in Huaca Prieta na Su boca. In 2500 BC, the locals had not yet built the system, but were growing kabza and pepper. Cotton is also grown there, from which thick trunks are built.

The first American civilization since 1200 BC.

The Olmecs were the oldest civilization in America, which developed under Mexican conditions. This is the Olmec period before 1200 BC.


The Olmecs were the first representatives of civilization in Central America. Three centuries after the ancient civilization of South America, the Chavin civilization, originated in Peru.


Development of the second model for the first two American civilizations in Mexico and Peru, which existed for more than 2000 years. Continuing the most developed cultures, the traditions that preceded the rest briefly follow the two extreme regions of the continent: Central America (also called Central America) and the continental belt between the Andes and Tinimuhit.


Archaeology is evidence of several cultures, but only those who survived the Second World War are known. These are the Mayan civilizations that have survived both in the past and in recent years, when the Aztecs and Incas ruled/

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