The attitude of man in different in dimensions

Human attitudes distinguish people from one another, and people, in particular, exhibit numerous sorts of attitudes, which are categorised and come in a variety of forms. Because attitude is such a crucial aspect in a person's life, in order to survive in this world, you must ensure that your attitude is positive and may make both you and others proud.


Human attitude has various dimensions.

This dimension makes up a man, and many people strive to be ideal in one aspect of their attitude.For example, you can be the type that enjoys sleeping or who strives to be perfect in one area just because you can't live without it.

Laziness is one of the attitudes dimensions.

The most dreadful aspect of a guy is his laziness, and there is an adage that says "an idle hand is the devil's advocate." Crimes are typically committed by lazy persons who want to get rich quickly. A lazy person never aims for things that are difficult to obtain; instead, all he or she wants is to obtain something quickly, and they attempt to find shortcuts to success only to discover that life is a lengthy process.

Work ethic and desire to succeed are both important factors.

Everyone wants to be successful, and some people are willing to go to any length to achieve their goals. Others have relied on the theory of grinding to achieve their goals ( meaning over working or workaholicism). The world's wealthiest man did not amass his fortune overnight; rather, it was built over time. Because hard effort and achievement go hand in hand, you must be diligent if you want to be successful. Civilization has made life easier for people, and there are phases of civilization in every circle of life. Inventions are not created by sitting or playing; the inventor worked extremely hard to create imaginary inventions. Ants can teach us a lot.

cunning and greedy version of human.

Greed is the desire to have everything to yourself, and these factors are a road to destruction, and thus these factors can lead to crime. This version is not new to anyone; fraud, theft, and other illegal acts are motivated by greed; when you are dissatisfied with what you have and are drawn to what belongs to others, you are a greedy person.

The tortoise story is a classic example of greed and the desire to get rich quickly; most of the tortoise stories we hear describe what it means to be cunning and greedy. Other stories show what it means to be cunning and greedy.

Proud and humble version.

Proudness is a life destroyer, there is a popular adage that says, "pride goes before a fall"(meaning a proud person would always end up in mess and troubles or even become laughingstock in the community). A humble person commands respects from afar. Humility builds dignity and reputation in the community and afar.


The two versions are opposite,, and therefore you can't be humble and proud at the same time.


Humble people have respect for the elders and even their fellow writers and friends, and they don't believe they're perfect as an island but rather to keep learning from people and also gathering knowledge from others. They might look foolish, but the truth is that one must act like that in order to learn from others.


Anger and patient version.

Anger can't build up but rather destroy, as a movie lover, I have watched a couple of movies where a strong emperor a strong lord have built up great reputation or even reach a certain mile but end up destroy it because of anger.

Patience is a rare feature of person, cause not everyone can exercise patience. Patience can soften a metamorphic rock, and this is a common adage in the West Africa. With patience almost everything can be achieved, and the truth is that not everyone is ready to exercise patience and this attitude is the key to success.

Comparing anger and patience, I found that those endowed with anger or chose anger as choice end up losing what they have and what they are after, they lose things at both side.

Patience as made many endure the humiliation they face at work and also endure and manage the little they earn from the job they do. I wonder how good the world would be if everyone is patient.

Visionary and ambitious version.

Vision is the most important quality of a leader, a leader without ambitious and vision is the same as a useless or something without a purpose. The leader without vision can never lead his/her followers, they end up going astray cause they are vision less. Vision is the key role in achieving something meaningful in life.

Some times we have the wrong ambitions, our perspective are different from each other so our ambitions might be absolutely different from each other, that is why human are heterogenous in nature, the world is made of many people with different ambitions and vision .

Destructive and rebellious version.

When are cheated we are try to fight for our rights or when don't have the same perspective as other, then others think we are a rebels. The destructive version is a fork or a branch of anger; we we are angry we can destroy nearly anything inorder to calm ourselves.

The meditative version.

The version is practiced by mostly those who are ready to explore the world of calmness and mostly done by sages and those involved in Buddhism.

You need to meditate inorder to achieve and gain inspiration about things that you are expected to do. So meditate mainly because they are depressed or their seeking answers to hidden questions or riddles in their life.


In conclusion, this different dimensions make up a man and many of this dimensions works together, for example hard work works with success.


We must learn to control our anger and pride. Learning come from corrections, no one is an island so we have to take heed to corrections with love. We must also learn from animals typical example are ants who are really hardworking and also learn from the troubles many animals face because they are up and doing example of animals that face challenges mainly because they are lazy are sited in different folklore and the tortoise is mostly used.

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