The Bernese Sennenhund is a herding dog

The description of the Bernese Sennenhund breed describes this dog as strong, sturdy, and very agile. The Bernese Sennenhund looks like a big dog. The size of the Bernese Sennenhund is quite large. The height of the Bernese Sennenhund is 65-70 cm for males and 58-66 cm for females. The weight of the Bernese Sennenhund ranges from 40 to 55 kg for males and females weigh 35 to 45 kg. The Bernese Sennenhund looks impressive. These dogs are very well built, they are strong and hardy. The powerful paws of the Bernese Sennenhund, its beautiful hair and strong build, make this breed irresistible. The hair of the Bernese Sennenhund is long and shiny, with a dense undercoat. These dogs have a luxurious long tail which is covered with a shiny wavy coat. The color of the Bernese Sennenhund is tri-color. The basic color is black, against which there are symmetrically placed spots of red and white with clear boundaries. The Bernese Sennonchund has a broad, loose triangular head. The muscular neck gently turns into a broad back. The muzzle has smooth features without sharp transitions and a large black nose. The dark brown eyes of the Bernese Sennenhand have a very attentive and expressive look. When describing the Bernese Sennenhund breed it is obligatory to mention that these dogs reach maturity only at the age of 1.5-2 years. Bernese sennenhunds live 8-10 years. It is extremely rare to meet long-livers who are 12-15 years old or more. History of the Bernese Sennenhund The amazing history of the Bernese Sennenhend begins in the Alps. The Bernese Sennenhend was formed in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland. Originally, these dogs were designed only to guard sheep and other livestock. In the harsh conditions of the Swiss Alps, the Bernese Shepherd was a faithful assistant to farmers. The Bernese Sennenheund breed is more than 2 thousand years old, but to the end of its origin is still unclear. But shepherding skills and purpose of this breed has never been questioned. For the first time these dogs were presented at the show in 1902. Already in 1907, a club was founded and the standard of the breed was established. In 1910, 107 dogs were presented at the show. Since then the breed became known as the Bernese Sennenhund and became very popular in Switzerland and Germany, after that it was widely spread throughout Europe. The Character of the Bernese Sennenhund The character of the Bernese Sennenhund is good-natured and peaceful, this dog is balanced and cheerful. The Bernese Sennenhund is a calm and not aggressive dog, therefore it treats strangers politely, but warily. The easy going and patient nature of the Bernese Sennenhend will delight all the family, in which he lives. The Bernese Sennenhend barks not often, but will zealously defend its owner and his property in case of need. The loyal nature of the Bernese Sennenhend promotes complete mutual understanding with its owner. Like all animals, the Bernese Sennenhend will be most attached to only one person in the whole family. But such strong and great affection will not prevent from excellent communication with other family members.

The intelligent and obedient nature of the Bernese Sennenhend makes it easy to train the dog, but in training it is worth to be moderately persistent. Harsh punishments are unacceptable. Do not forget that the Bernese Sennenhund matures by 2 years of age and until then you will have to deal with an active and restless puppy. The learning curve of the Bernese Sennenhund is slow, but he will work hard to please you. The Bernese Sennenhund does not like boring and monotonous repetitions, therefore the best way to master commands is to play with them. Without proper training and education, these dogs will be aggressive and nervous.

The nature of the Bernese Sennenhund is friendly, you should only look at this charming giant. Curious and fearless, they never unnecessarily show aggression to strangers. The Bernese Sennenhund is alert, attentive and confident dog, it is strong and agile. They need to be helpful, so be sure to give them small errands (such as teaching them to fetch a bag or to toss paper in a bucket). The Bernese Sennenhund loves attention from its owner, so be sure to show your pet affection and pay attention. The funny habit of snuggling up on your owner's lap is adorable, considering the size of this dog. The lack of attention makes these dogs miserable. The Bernese Sennenhund is great with children and will never harm them. Do not limit the dog's interaction with a child, they are very fond of children. The character of the Bernese Sennenhund is rarely sensitive and patient, so this dog easily gets along with pets in the house.


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