The expert told why airports keep white planes without identifying marks There are several options for their use

Airports store white unmarked planes There are several uses for them

At explained how and where model planes with white tails are used.



The expert told why airports keep white unmarked planes

Photos of planes without airline logos can often be found at airports, as well as just in photos on the Internet. In fact these are the models that were produced, but for some reason were not handed over to the customers. Sometimes it happens that more aircraft are produced than it is possible to sell, or the company unexpectedly cancels its order. It is reported that Boeing now has 200 white models of the 737 MAX and two of the 747-8.


The expert told why airports keep white planes without identification marks

Usually, some company buys such planes anyway. True, on more favorable terms than the one who refused. An example is Southwest, which adjusted its order for 30 MAX models because Delta refused them.


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Sometimes planes are purposely repainted white in order to turn them over to the lessor. This saves time in handing them over to the next owner.


In addition there are some airlines who do not put any markings on the model at all (in Russia this is iFly, earlier known as VIM-Avia). Usually it is those planes that are ordered by travel agencies. Another option for using white liners is transportation of officials (business jets).


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