The fastest dog to move on its front paws

A dog named Conjo, who lives together in Tustee, California, United States of America, had a very unusual achievement. The animal was officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, due to the highest speed of movement on the front paws. Just think, the dog covered the five-meter distance in 2.39 seconds using only front limbs.
The owner of a unique dog Julia Pasternak, told reporters that her pet appeared as a result of a mixture of several breeds. Thus, in Konjo's veins flows blood of Continental Toy Spaniel, Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier. Yulia says that she never specially engaged or trained the dog. Conjo just began to stand on her front paws when she was a puppy. Now she does it every day, getting used to this way of moving in space.
Experts from the Guinness Book of Records first recorded the record last year, but it was only now in the official register. Strangely enough, previously in the Guinness Book of Records already existed similar achievement, except that its owner (spitz nicknamed Jif), overcome five meters on his front paws much slower - only 7.76 seconds. The new record is unlikely to be broken in the near future, rather the current owner of the achievement will be able to improve it, because she constantly practices her skills.
Conjo has conquered the users of the World Wide Web not only because of her unusual record, but also because of her attractive appearance. The dog looks like a lively soft toy that you want to hold and caress. By the way, the small size of the dog combined with the ability to balance and made it possible to set a record. For example, conventional shepherd dog won't be able to run as fast on its front paws, because the load on its body is many times more.


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