The formula for the Russian Sputnik V was stolen by spies - The Sun

The British tabloid The Sun published an article stating that the formula for the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine was "stolen by Putin's spies" from Oxford, Britain. 

As noted in the publication, a similar formula is used to create the Oxford/AstraZeneca injection.

"The Sputnik V formula was stolen by Putin's spies from Oxford," the publication said.

The authors of the publication claim that Oxford's security service has evidence of the version voiced.

When exactly this could have happened is not specified.

According to Western intelligence agencies, Russia in Sputnik copied the technology used in the Oxford development, the article claims.
The Kremlin, commenting on the article, noted that it was published in "a very well-known, deeply unscientific newspaper.

"This is how we treat these publications," said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

As a reminder, Russia has recently been updating daily anti-records for the number of deaths from the coronavirus. Also, the country has recently set a new maximum of coronavirus cases since the beginning of the year.



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