The game developed by Vietnamese people has a revenue of more than 1 billion USD

According to an announcement on Twitter on August 6, Axie Infinity - a game developed by a studio in Vietnam - has reached 1 million players / day. Before that, at the end of July, this game had 600,000 players/day. In early August, this number increased to 800,000 people.

 Currently, the number of Axie Infinity players operating on Android operating system accounts for 68.7%; Windows is 30.6%; Mac is 1.6% and iOS is 1.2%. The majority of players are concentrated in Southeast Asia, most notably the Philippines.

 According to  DappRadar data, Axie Infinity's revenue has reached  1.1 billion USD, including gross revenue from selling NFT in-game items on exchanges such as Axie Marketplace, OpenSea, and Rarible.

In total, the game had 2.5 million transactions. In the past 30 days alone, Axie Infinity generated 1.4 million transactions, equivalent to about  780 million USD in revenue.

 Different from normal game projects, Axie Infinity is a product that works on the blockchain technology platform, specifically the Ethereum blockchain. This is a game project by Nguyen Thanh Trung - CEO of Sky Mavis studio (headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City) - launched in 2018.

 Axie Infinity is inspired by the Pokémon game. When participating, players will build a squad of 3 pet characters (collectively called Axie) to fight monsters or other players. After each round, players can get rewards if they win.

Axie Infinity's item system is converted into tokens that are AXS and SLP. Players can buy these tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges to bring into the game or sell in-game items to exchange for AXS, which in turn converts to real money. Basically, according to the publisher, this is a game that can make money.

According to the data of  Coinmarketcap, in June 2021, the value of AXS token is trading around  3.5 USD. However, the price of this token gained momentum in the following month. The peak on July 27, AXS price reached  52.18 USD.

 As of August 9, AXS token is trading at  43.12 USD, market capitalization surpasses  2.6 billion USD mark.

 According to the Axie Infinity White Paper, Sky Mavis developer gets 4.25% commission from all trading activities in the game, or more than  42.5 million USD. However, this is only the equivalent of Ethereum and does not reflect the real revenue of the developer.


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