The great king Krishna devaraya south Indian history

The Vijayanagara empire was a large Hindu kingdom.

The king Krishna devaraya great brave man no fear in the war. He always  victory person. He defeated many times South Indian Muslim kings Raichur and Bidar.

Thimmarusu was chief a great chief minister in the fort. All wars successfully planned by him. So Krishna devaraya called him Appaji, means Good Father. He loved him as great as his own father.

The king Krishna devaraya most powerful and strong person.

He defeated the king Odisa Gajapathulu and occupied the entire kingdom by  Simhachalam God blessings. He married his daughter her name was Annapurna devi. He loved a dance girl named  Chinnadevi.

Tirumaladevi was chief wife.

Amukatamalyada book was written  by him. Eight members great Telugu and sanskrit poets were in his court. Tenali Ramakrishna was one of the brilliant poets. 

The Vijayanagara empire Hampi (capital) belton Tungabadra river  the suggestion given by sage Vidyaranya swamy, inthe period 1336 built by brother's of Hari Hara bukkaraya. 

It was largest empire in southern. Emperor Krishna devaraya built many temples. Vittalaraya was one of the greatest temples, Godless temple. (There was a great story about Purandara das, famous kritis writer and singer). 

Inthose days they sold diamonds and pearls in the market. The people were happy, taxes collected with low percent. Done the international  business spices exported to Porchgues.  

War horses were purchased from Arabic country.

King Krishna devaraya was born at Hampi in 1471 and he passed ìn the year October 1529. 

He ruled the empire 23 years from 1509 to 1529.

After his death Aliyaramarayalu came on throne. In 1565 he died in the Battle of Tallikota or Rakshasa thangadi between Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers. Four united Muslim kings destroyed the kingdom. Hampi city fully damaged. They looted the gold and diamonds as long as continuing three months.

Although, now it  is also a great visiting place. A great Shiva devotinal temple is there. 


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