The Important Role of Cenderawasih in the Balance of Forest Ecosystems

The Important Role of Cenderawasih in the Balance of Forest Ecosystems

  1. Biodiversity in the Land of Papua and the Maluku Islands makes these two areas very special because they create very diverse ecosystems and habitats. Starting from underwater ecosystems, coastal areas, lowlands, highlands to mountainous areas covered in eternal snow.

Ed Scholes, an ornithologist from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology who has researched paradise in its natural habitat, said the diversity of ecosystems and habitats causes bird species including bird of paradise, parrots, and other unique birds to also vary, especially in mountainous areas. Cenderawasih is a type of bird that does not migrate and does not fly too far, so they are unique birds on each island and different mountains in the Tanah Papua region and the Maluku Islands.


In the Land of Papua, Cenderawasih live in almost all areas. While in the Maluku Islands, Cenderawasih can be found in Halmahera, Kasiruta, Bisa, Obi, Rau, and Morotai, North Maluku Province and in the Aru Islands, Maluku Province.


"In the Papua region, Cenderawasih birds can be found in almost all areas, except on Biak Island because from the history of its geographical distribution, Cenderawasih did not reach this area. From low-lying areas to highlands with dense forest cover, you can be sure there are still paradises to be found. If we are in a low-lying area with dense forest, at least we will be able to see the Dead Wire Cenderawasih and the Little Yellow Cenderawasih,” Hendra K. Maury, an ecologist from Cenderawasih University, explained to EcoNusa. In the depths of the forest in the highlands and lowlands far from urban areas, several types of paradise can still be found easily. They are located in the northern lowlands, such as in the Nimbokrang region to Sarmi and Keroom. "At least there we can still find about 7 species, such as the Dead Wire Cenderawasih (Seleucidis melanoleucus), the Little Yellow Cenderawasih (Paradisaea minor), the Raja Cenderawasih (Cicinnurus regius), the Brilliant Toowa Cenderawasih (Ptiloris magnificus), to Manucodia which has the appearance of duller but still included in the Paradisaeidae family,” continued Hendra.

The presence of Cenderawasih in the forest is a sign that the quality of the forest is still in good and healthy condition. Cenderawasih plays a big role in the forest ecosystem so that life in the forest becomes balanced.

Cenderawasih birds are an important part of the forest ecosystem in Tanah Papua and the Maluku Islands because most of them are fruit eaters. “Cenderawasih plays a very important role in seed dispersal. In addition, Cenderawasih also plays a role in controlling insect populations in the forest. Cenderawasih performs its role so that the forest niches are filled


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