The mature woman now is always the mature woman

The mature woman now is always the mature woman


Today's pleasant day begins with the sound of birds chirping in the morning. The city of Chennai is the capital of a country where there is no famine for roadside trolley restaurants where people can live a mechanical human life by tying the wheel on their feet. Students from many parts of Tamil Nadu come to Chennai to complete their schooling in the villages. Best College of Arts and Sciences located in an important part of Chennai city. Out-of-town and local children also attended the college. Admission to the college ended this year and new classes began.


The first day of classes began with a senior student reception as usual. They belong to the undergraduate science department studying microbiology. A total of 50 students attended this class.


     They have local students in the class, and some came from outside and stayed in the college hostel. The first day of class started with the students' self-introduction. After that many friendly circles formed separately. The families of the children studying in this college belong to the middle class. There are families who are in a lot of trouble. The circle of friends was the desire to enjoy all the companionship that is always together. There were some students in this circle of friends. Thus, the circle of friends roamed everywhere. The class leader election was held because the class was new in which the competition between the two sides was fierce, but our circle of friends won. Siva, who was in our circle of friends, was chosen as the leader.


The circle of friends started chatting a lot of day by day and all that alcohol drinking cigarettes staged. Days went by and our friendship circle went to the movies ignoring pet classes. The students were more than welcome in our circle of friends.


     Each of us was very friendly with some girls so class leader Siva got very close with a girl. We all talk to the girls and play and dance and then we simply break up. But Siva was very close with Ramya, the woman he was used to. The girl was a fisherman from a rural village who was staying at a hostel.


     Her family consists of four people. Ramya's house is a fishing village near the beach. It is always customary to visit the undergraduate science class once a year. It was customary for all the friends to wander around Happy when going on a tour like this but Siva and Ramya were alone and became very close. Siva is also used to saying many words of desire to Ramya. And the intimacy between the two is high. As the days went by the husband and wife kept in touch with the model. We will be the first in all the events that take place in the college. Thus, ended college life. At the end of three years, we all passed, and he went to their hometown.


But only Siva was in close contact with Ramya. All students had applied to the same college for higher studies. All the friends who applied got admission and the two reunited. Bisexual upper class begins with adulthood again. Postgraduates in the same subject mature in the same friendly circle of the same college only mature as well as responsible activities. They are now continuing their studies for only two years. Their friendly circle was at the same pace. Everyone in their circle of friends was going home one day a month. Based on that this month the five of us went to Ramya’s house in Slum.


     Poor family but there was a kind of smile on everyone’s face. If they had a beach near the house, we would all go there and have fun, but Ramya and Siva were alone. The intimacy of the two is very reciprocal. Ramya also introduced Siva to their family. After that Siva often went to Ramya's house. Educational tourism also came in the old art course. We started the tour, but this tour was mature. We were all together in a friendly circle of tourists but only Siva Ramya would often go alone. I have unexpectedly moved from there to seeing the event where Siva was lying on Ramya’s lap and talking at one point in the tour. Then I quoted some good comments as I got closer to him, but he did not listen which pleased him.

. He did not change his course in the slightest. Days passed and higher education came to an end. Ramya is a very decent girl, but Siva seduced her with some words of desire and kept her at his disposal. After two years of postgraduate study, we all split up and went to the towns. But Siva used to go to Ramya's house often. Ramya's parents are left to find out that they are the ones who are going to get married. The days moved on. The results of the postgraduate examination came. We all mastered. On top of this some wanted to study academic for a year and some went to work, and some went for research. Some in the circle of friends applied to study academics. Siva and Ramya also applied for it. Everyone who applied received a letter for the interview. A few days after the exam, everyone received a letter to join the academic course.

One year study in education is in Chennai. We all came to Chennai to continue our studies. As usual, the study continued and the natural friendship for all continued. That's all we get used to as usual, but Siva was getting closer and closer to Ramya and dominated her more.


Ramya Siva has been in love for many years with the hope that many times out of bounds good will happen. Thus, the days moved on and the one-year academic course ended and reached the finals. After finishing my studies in my circle of friends due to lack of money. We started looking for work. Some went to teaching work and some went to a different team. Ramya joined the teaching profession in her hometown. That too is the equivalent of a good school government institution with a good salary. But Siva's desire to go abroad led him to meet many foreign friends and ask for the opportunity.


     Dad, an old Muslim friend of our age, was in the business of carrying diamonds frequently to Thailand. But the friend sent from India did not find out that the diamond trade was related to smuggling and got caught in Thailand in some affair.


Siva faced many struggles in Thailand and then caught up with friends in Thailand and thereby moved to nearby Singapore. He got a job for his studies in Singapore and the job went better if the Tamil people were there too. Bought a green card in Singapore. Became a Citizen of Singapore. The years rolled by for many.


     Ramya repeatedly tried but could not contact Siva, but she had great faith in Siva. Either way if Ramya buys Siva’s Singapore number through friends. If she had contacted Siva she would have been as normal as ever but felt the elevation and presence of Siva's speech but had little faith in the mind. As the money increased and the facilities became more, Siva forgot his identity. Our friends in the circle say that we should help each other if someone goes to work better later. I fully believed what he said. But it was different for me now when I heard the pose he was talking about. Ramya was hoping to contact Siva by phone, but he did not contact Ramya's parents also understood that Ramya has a younger sister also marriage stage. Ramya's age has increased. Her parents made wedding arrangements for her. They saw the groom. The only conclusion was firm.


Siva's brother is in Chennai and a close friend of his has asked if your brother in Singapore can marry our girl. It was reported that the horoscope of the two is well matched. Siva in Singapore was also informed that Siva contacted the woman through an online zoom and finally decided to get married. It was only now that he was able to realize that the way he behaved during his studies was all fake and opportunistic at that time, all in disguise that he was put on to make a profit later. According to their brother, the marriage ended smoothly in Chennai.


     He did not even tell his girlfriend Ramya why he did not tell many of his friends about his marriage. Siva started his family life happily. In Singapore, his new wife joined a bank in Singapore. Cash flow increased. Ramya is getting older, but she is stubborn in her goal. What she is coming to say is that I have been performing such an event for many years so I can give my body to someone else, so I do not want to marry another male son and betray him and live with a guilty conscience.


The marriage to her sister was consummated with her consent. Doctors told Siva, who had been rolling for years, that he was happy to have a baby boy, but the happiness did not last long. Siva froze in shock and collapsed. Ramya did not change her position despite repeated attempts by Ramya's parents and friends. The love I continued with hope is still alive I do not want to kill it that I will end my life like that that mature virgin.


     Even today, Mature Women continues to thrive as a true symbol of chastity without wanting to betray her body by giving it to someone else who is truly in love with her. But on the other hand, everyone should realize that the Lord has given him the gift of betrayal of trust that he had done to his friends and beloved and that the punishment given by the Lord to him was less than his inheritance. So let us all live in the age of fairness and truth without deceiving or betraying others. If such a negative happens then what happened to Siva will happen.


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