The Most Intelligent Poodle

Poodle is generally considered the most intelligent of all members of the dog breed. There is a common belief that he is a FOP, who spends most of his time in personal makeup and he needs a lot of personal attention when it comes to his toilet. It may be true that keeping him in display order and in perfect hygiene requires more attention from his owner than is required of many species; But in other respects he gives a little embarrassment and is adamant in his opinion that not everyone associated with him has such an interesting and responsive dog as a companion. The quality of his mind and his quick logical power is really great, there is something almost human in his charm and his devotion. His learning ability has never been denied and many stories have been told about his amazing talent and versatility.


He identified himself not only as a showman dog. He was trained to walk on tight ropes and stand on his head, a little higher than Booth's Mountbank. He is an expert at juggling, but his intellect sets him apart from other animals.


The uniqueness of this dog's long and long coat is that if it is not brushed constantly, it becomes short strands that grow in length as new hair grows. Uncut old hair and new growth together form separate rope-like strands. Finally, if these cords are not shortened, or accidentally torn, they will be pulled to the ground and thus prevent the poor animal from moving with any comfort or freedom.


The corded poodles are very attractive and, from the remarkable appearance of the coat, attract much attention when displayed at shows; But they have lost popularity among many heretics and their numbers have dwindled due to the obvious fact that it is impossible to breed or keep them indoors. This is because, to keep the cords flexible and prevent them from breaking, the coat should be oiled from time to time and their coats should not be brushed to keep the dog clean. The only way. He has to be groomed, which is a lengthy and laborious process with a corded poodle. In addition, the coat takes hours to dry, and if the newly washed dog is not kept in a warm room, it can catch a cold. The resulting cord poodle's coat is almost always ***** and with some odor.


The general appearance of the poodle




Head: Long, erect and neat, skull not broad, slightly apex at back.


Mouth: Long (but not snippy) and strong cheeks completely absent; Teeth whitening, strong and level; The gums are dark, the lips are dark and not red.


Eyes: Almond-shaped, very dark, full of fire and intelligence.


Nose: Black and sharp.


Ears: Leather long and wide, low fitted, hanging close to face.


Neck: Accept that the head is kept in good proportion and strong, high and dignified.


Feet: Short and finely shaped, toes well curved, thick and firm.


Legs: The front legs are set straight from the shoulders, with plenty of **** and muscle.


Back Legs: Very muscular and well folded, well down with hawks.


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