The most popular Big Mac on a sesame seed bun

Here we get to the most popular burger from McDonald's. But you can make it yourself, too. And if the previous recipes turned out to be for one batch, here we will make two at once.


What we will need:

4 sesame buns for a sesame burger.

4 beef cutlets.

Iceberg lettuce - 4 leaves.

A couple of slices of melted cheese (Cheddar is best).

One small onion.

Pickled cucumber - 8 slices.

Homemade sauce for the Big Mac according to the original recipe.

Ground black pepper.


Now let's assemble everything we need to make the original sauce, which we will use in the preparation of the Big Mac hamburger.


Half a pickle.

Four large spoonfuls of mayonnaise.

A tablespoon of mustard.

A teaspoonful of garlic powder.

A teaspoon of onion powder.

A teaspoon of sugar.

A teaspoon of ketchup.

Vinegar is optional.

And we start making the sauce first. So prepare a deep bowl, where we will mix everything.


How to cook

We cut the cucumber and grind until it turns into a paste.


We add to it mayonnaise and all the other ingredients. Mix everything thoroughly and leave for 30 minutes on the kitchen table.

After half an hour we start to assemble the burger.


Fry the buns on the inside of the pan, but only a little.


Make burgers of minced meat, do not forget to salt and pepper, fry for 4 minutes on each side.


The first bottom bun grease prepared homemade sauce Big Mac.


On it - onion cut into rings, and on top - lettuce.


Next is a slice of cheese. And on it - the first bun.


We spread our homemade sauce on the second bottom bun and put it on the cutlet. We want the sauce to be on top.


Next - onion and lettuce, then pickles and the second bun.


We cover everything with the top bun.So that's a simple and delicious burger we have for a snack. I think it can replace a full lunch and even dinner when you just don't have time to cook something else.


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