The most powerful super PC from AMD in 2021

AMD is preparing a supercomputer called El Capitan. Its hardware will be based on AMD EPYC Genoa processors, based on the latest Zen 4 architecture.


In addition, the supercomputer will be equipped with a next-generation Radeon Instinct GPU.


El Capitan will not be demonstrated until 2021, and it will not begin operation until 2023. It is designed to work on tasks directly related to the nuclear potential of the United States.


AMD is confident that El Capitan will be the most productive supercomputer on Earth. Its capacity will be approximately 2 exaflops. The supercomputer is expected to be faster than the top 200 modern supercomputers combined.


The press release states that each of the nodes will get 1 EPYC Genoa chip and 4 Radeon Instinct graphics cards. The total number of nodes connected by the 3rd generation Infinity Architecture interface is not specified in El Capitan.


The system will be optimized to work with artificial intelligence, the developers will use machine learning technology.


El Capitan is being built for the United States Department of Energy (DOE)


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