The new iPhone 13 Pro Max supports faster charging than Apple claims

Youtuber ChargerLAB has demonstrated in a new video that his iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of charging much faster than the manufacturer claims. Using a 30W or higher adapter, it produces 27W (versus the claimed 20W). This makes it the fastest charging iPhone. By comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro Max only puts out 22 watts with the same adapter.

However, 27 watts is the peak power, which is automatically reduced if the system detects that the smartphone has started to warm up. But even with that caveat, the 30W adapter will fully charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max in 90 minutes, while the standard 20W fast charging adapter does the same thing in 120 minutes.

The author also tested the iPhone 13 Pro - and found that in the case of this model, the peak power is 23 watts (although, again, 20 watts are claimed).


It is worth noting that Apple recommends using chargers up to 20 watts, based on internal tests. Such gentle charging will help keep the maximum battery capacity longer.


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