The Occurrence of the Ozone Hole, Is It Dangerous?

The process of the occurrence of the ozone hole is not in a short time. In 2020, scientists reported that there was a large hole that mysteriously opened in the ozone layer. The ozone hole scientists found above the North Pole. They also claim that the formation of a hole in the ozone layer is not an ordinary natural phenomenon, but is the result of the reaction of ozone with other compounds. The formation of a hole in the ozone layer is a real impact that occurs due to global warming.

How the process of the occurrence of the atmospheric ozone hole?

Ozone is a layer of air in the atmosphere at an altitude of 20-35 km above the Earth's surface. The ozone layer contains ozone molecules with concentrations up to 10 ppm. The ozone layer is formed due to the influence of ultraviolet light interacting with oxygen in the atmosphere. The existence of this layer is very important for life on Earth. Scientists have conducted various researches and studies on ozone stating that this atmospheric layer functions as a protector from UV radiation. With the ozone layer, life and the ecosystem of living things on Earth can run well . However, the function of the ozone layer will not be maximized if the layer continues to thin. Related to the process of this happening, in the spring of 2020, scientists discovered a hole that was suspected to be in the ozone layer just above the North Pole. The hole scientists found through satellite data and immediately conduct research on the hole. As a result of the record rising Pacific sea surface temperatures led to the formation of an ozone hole in the Arctic.

The Consequences of Global Warming

The process of the occurrence of the ozone hole is due to extreme temperature changes on Earth. The presence of gases or compounds that enter the ozone layer is also the cause of the hole there. The gas that has the greatest influence on ozone depletion is CFC. CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbons are organic compounds in which there are fluorine, chlorine, and carbon. CFC gas is also a volatile derivative of propane, methane, ethane, and is known as DuPont Freon. CFCs are usually used for refrigerants such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and an active fire extinguishing agent. If there is an excess of CFC gas, it will rise freely into the atmosphere until it reaches the stratosphere where ozone is located. The process of the occurrence of the ozone hole began to be seen. After penetrating the ozone layer, the gas will react very quickly when it meets the compounds in the ozone. This is because most of the CFCs are formed on chlorine. The reaction between chlorine from CFCs and oxygen from ozone causes global warming. Global warming can cause the ozone layer to continue to thin, resulting in the ozone hole.

Impact of the Ozone Hole on Life on Earth

The process of the occurrence of the ozone hole has an impact on life on Earth. As already explained, ozone has a function to protect the Earth from direct UV radiation. If there is a hole in the ozone, then there is no strong barrier to UV radiation and this is very dangerous.

1. Increasing Infectious Diseases

Holes that occur in the ozone can cause an increase in disease in humans on Earth. For example, when the air temperature increases, the mosquito population will increase. These mosquitoes can be a source of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, and others.

2. Uncertain temperature

The absence of a layer that blocks the sun's rays causes the temperature on Earth to be erratic. The temperature will rise and fall in an extreme manner. This is certainly very influential in the cycle of the seasons so that it has an impact on ecosystems on Earth.

3. The emergence of a heat wave

In addition to the uncertain temperature, the process of the occurrence of the ozone hole can cause an increase in temperature on Earth. The increase in temperature is what causes a heat wave. When a region experiences a heat wave, the temperature in that region will increase significantly. Heat waves that occur can cause attacks of hyperthermia and are very dangerous for vulnerable populations such as the elderly. The impact of the ozone hole is terrible for life on Earth. However, the process of the occurrence of the ozone hole can also be prevented by re-greening or reforestation so that gases that can interfere with ozone compounds will be neutralized and will not penetrate the atmosphere.


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