The perfect pet: the top 5 most unpretentious cat breeds

Choosing a kitten for a home, many potential owners wonder whether they can properly care for the animal and give it enough attention. Especially such thoughts are actual if people are busy and do not have enough time for a pet, but would like to have a purrfect cat. Focus gathered the most unpretentious breeds of cats that do not require special care and do not give their owners a lot of trouble in the form of scattered litter box litter or hair flakes around the house, they get along with other animals and do not trash the house in your absence.  

British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair cat is known for its unpretentious character and malleable temperament. It is affectionate, but at the same time it does not need a lot of attention. Its short, dense coat is easy to care for: a weekly combing is enough to get rid of dandruff and small debris, as well as to distribute the skin fat evenly for healthy fur. Another plus of this breed is that in the absence of the owner, the British girl is able to entertain herself without risk to the interior.

Russian Blue

Like the British Shorthair, the Russian Blue is known for its easy-going temperament. It is not a breed that follows people from room to room or demands attention when the owner is busy. Representatives of this breed can spend time alone and do not mind if the owner's work schedule does not allow him to be home for a long time. The main thing is to feed the animal in time and brush its fur once or twice a week to keep its thick, luxurious look.


Scottish Lop-Eared Cat (Scottish Fold)

The small stature of these cute lop-eared cats makes it unlikely that they will jump all over the house, risking dropping or breaking something. The calm and cozy nature of the Scottish Folds has contributed to them being called the perfect companions. They get along easily with other cats, dogs, and children. Their thick coat is surprisingly easy to care for by brushing once or twice a week.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is known for its cold, almost canine character. These big cats are intelligent, loyal, and playful. They love the outdoors and can even be walked on a leash or harness. Despite their long fur, Maine Coons require minimal care. Their fur is silkier than other cat breeds, so a good brush once a week is sufficient. Although the Maine Coon enjoys human companionship, they are easily entertained alone and are not considered needy or intrusive.



The Sphynx breed is the first choice for those who are worried about hair allergies. Although there are no truly naked cats, Sphynx fur feels more like peach fuzz. This unusual characteristic also means that the breed has less dander that can cause an allergy attack, making it hypoallergenic. The flexible, active and independent Sphynx enjoys having fun while the owner is away. To brighten up the pet's everyday life, you can buy a cat slide where the pet can entertain itself.


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