The PlayStation 5 Pro is rumored to launch during the 2024 holidays

The latest information says that the Sony Playstation 5 Pro (PS 5 Pro) will most likely be released during the holiday season this year, which means at the end of 2024. This information appears at the same time as leaks regarding the detailed specifications of the PS 5 recently. Moore's Law is Dead A YouTube channel recently leaked details of the PS 5 Pro, which Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson said came from documentation Sony recently sent to third-party developers.

Although the confirmation from Insider Gaming doesn't need to be taken too seriously, Henderson has a pretty good track record when it comes to leaking information. In 2022, it was reported that Sony was working on a "real professional controller" for the PS 5, two months before the DualSense Edge was officially announced. He also revealed that Sony will release a version of the console with a disc drive that could be released a full year before Sony introduces the smaller and lighter PS 5 model.

Based on leaked information circulating so far, the PS 5 Pro will offer a better and more consistent frame rate (FPS) at 4K, as well as a “performance mode” for 8K resolution. This console is also expected to be able to make games up to 45 percent faster and have ray tracing capabilities that are two to three times faster than the non-pro version.

Rumors about Sony's upcoming console, the PlayStation 5 Pro, have been circulating for some time. While details are still scarce, a recent leak has shed light on the possible specifications of the gaming console. If the leaked specs reported by Insider Gaming are to be believed, the PS 5 Pro's CPU will remain identical to the standard PS5. However, the Pro model is said to introduce a new 'High CPU Frequency Mode'.

This mode will reportedly push the CPU clock speed to 3.85 GHz— a 10% increase over the standard console. However, this may decrease GPU performance by around 1.5%. Moreover, the PS5 Pro is rumored to have a bandwidth increase of 28%. This means that this console will have a speed of 576 GB/s compared to the standard edition's 448 GB/s. Higher memory bandwidth allows faster data transfer between system memory and the GPU, which can improve graphical fidelity, faster rendering, and overall gaming performance.

Major CPU and GPU Improvements: Check Out the Details

Leaked PS5 Pro GPU details reveal dramatic performance improvements, with a potential 45% increase in rendering power, 2-3x (even 4x) faster ray tracing performance, and 33.5 teraflops of power.

All this is in addition to dedicated hardware for ray tracing acceleration, so it can be concluded that the PS 5 Pro is a console that aims for a smooth 4K experience and a vision of 8K in the future. Along with that, the PS5 Pro is considered to have better audio technology. Audio Compute Voice (ACV) reportedly runs at higher clock speeds, resulting in a 35% performance increase for the Audio Compute Module (ACM) library.




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