The Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the theft of a backpack from a child psychologist by employees of the US Embassy

Three administrative and technical employees of the American Embassy stole a backpack from child psychologist Dmitry Kornilov, who was resting in a cafe on Sretenka Street. According to the Metropolitan Police, the suspects are members of the Marine Corps between the ages of 21 and 26.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova revealed the likely fate of the US Embassy employees suspected of stealing the backpack.


On the air of the Soloviev Live show, Zakharova said that American diplomats would apparently leave Russia. She recalled that the American side was asked to either lift immunity from diplomats, or they would be ordered to immediately leave the territory of Russia. Zakharova believes that the United States took advantage of the second option.


In the same conversation, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the suspected employees of the US embassy had not yet returned the stolen backpack to its owner.


The victim, child psychologist Dmitry Kornilov, said that in addition to cash, a computer mouse, a sports uniform and a passport were in the backpack. The man also noted that he left the backpack under the bar and periodically monitored it.

Earlier, "Strana" reported that the US Embassy Marines stole a backpack from a child psychologist in a Moscow cafe.


We also informed that the guy took a photo with a passport when buying a phone, and then stole it and ran away. The patrolmen detained the man. At first he denied his involvement in the incident, and then admitted that the backpack with the phone, into which he had already inserted his card, was in the apartment.


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