(The story of girl)- Enchanted chocolate

Enchanted chocolate

This is the story of a girl, who was an innocent, lovable child in her family. She had two brothers and one sister. Including her, the two sisters were the younger ones in her family.

Family members were very careful about her, because she was so innocent and very kindly . Her name was Priya. She was very ambitious and sequentially she completed her education.

She was 17 year old, and now she was completing her board exam. She got 2nd division in 10th board exams Priya was so upset about the results After all, she took the challenge to complete. Higher Secondary study by Science.

After all this happened, She took Science in 12th class. To show the universe that she is not a loser the universe that she is not a loser.She fulfilled the challenge, n higher secondary Result, she got 1st in the 12th class.

The mystery was happening with her, after 12th .Some jealous people wanted to embrace or shame her.

Some relatives made a very hazardous plan against her. They conspired together. One by one they are a part of that planning.

Her own cousin brother and sister, who were the main culprit of the whole drama. Priya was too innocent & childish, she never knew that her own cousin made the hilarious plan against her. Her cousin were not in education, not in talent,etc.but Priya was very intelligent, confidence,positive -attitudes, artist, very helpful for older ones, very unique personality she got, she was fabulous.After 12th exam, she was free at home.She was doing some painting.Sudden her cousins come and disturb her. But she always welcomed the people.But her cousins had very strong planning against her. But Priya shouldn't recognize that because of childish behavior.

Her cousins were very clever. Cousins sister named Shweta and cousin brother named vivek

Her cousin's sister came near to her .

Shewta said,"Vivek loves you madly."

Priya said,"But you both are couples"

Shweta , distracted her because she didn't do any studies in her life.

Priya said, "I have many things to do in my life,I am completely focused on my education and ambition".

Shweta couldn't understand because of her illiteracy. The value of education and what has to be achieved. Shewta couldn't want Priya to achieve her aim.


Day by day her cousin forced her into an affair with cousins brother. But she was disciplined and well-behaved and completely focused on studies.At when Priya did not agree with whatever they wanted. In front of him Face to face.

 Priya said," I don't have any strong feelings about you but I will make nice friends."

Vivek said,"No, please don't do this to me ." 

Suddenly he holds her hand. Started crying in front of her.He begged her.

Priya said," Leave my hand."

Vivek said,"No."

Priya slapped tightly on his cheeks.

Priya thought that she treated her cousins like friends or sister &brother.

How could he feel about me?

This is so embarrassing for Priya.

Again again he came at Prya's house and met with her. But she shouldn't envisages him. He could anything else to won the heart of Priya. Vivek' family members were made a hilarious plan for that innocent girl. They went to done some black magic on her. Black magic is very dangerous things. They done black magic on chocolate.Because Priya loved to ate chocolate.

Vivek went to Priya 's home with magical chocolate. He gave it to her , and she ate it . Day by day, the magical chocolate works on her mind and does very bad things happening to her. She couldn't understand the words people said. Her mind was completely blind. She watched everything but couldn't recognize it.

She said, "I love you Vivek."

Because of the magical chocolate.

He won the heart of Priya. Behind that planning, there was a very dangerous plan they had.


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