The Stress Of BECAUSE In Our School's System

Have you ever asked your English teacher to give a tangible reason why the word ''because" can't be used to begin a sentence? Like if "because" is a word why then can't it be used to begin a sentence as other words like He, play, change, castle and the rest are being used.

I could remember vividly, in my primary and secondary school days, if you were being asked a question and you start your sentence with the word "because" you have automatically failed the answer, the whole class will be looking at you as someone who is unintelligent and too ignorant, like that little thing can spoil your name and stripe you of royalty.

But today i want to make you realize that you can use the word "because" to begin a sentence.

What is a sentence? A sentence is a group of words that has a subject, a verb, an object and completely makes sense. 

keywords or phrases to note;

Group of words.




Back to our topic. 

If we all should say and agree that the word "because" can't begin a sentence that we have all agreed to be biased and we have chosen to limit the word to it's full potential. 

The word "because" can start a compound sentence, a complex sentence, a compound-complex sentence but not a simple simple sentence.

You don't have a choice but to believe this because it is true. 

Here is a sentence starting with the word "because"

        "Because our commander left, we all chose to run away."  

This is an example of a compound sentence, a sentence that has one main clause and one subordinate clause. Complete and sensible.

The trick about this is that you can decide to place any of the clauses first, the main clause mustn't come first and the subordinate clause mustn't come last. 

Note. If you can't construct a good sentence, please avoid the word "because", you will be faulted.

So, when next you hear someone saying "You can't begin a sentence with the word "because" just refer them to this blog"


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