The Tastiest Royal de Luxe - Cooking It Yourself at Home

Let's try making Royal de Luxe at home.


What will be needed:

200 g of ground beef.

2 plates of melted cheese (Cheddar is best).

Tomato, not too big.

Head of onion.

Pickled cucumbers.

Salad leaves.

Burger bun.


Ground black pepper.

Ketchup (preferably Heinz).

Mustard sauce (also Heinz).

The sauce here will consist of other ingredients. By the way, we will make it in the first place.


Mayonnaise - 3 big spoons.

Mustard - a teaspoon.

Vinegar - a teaspoon.

Dried basil - a pinch.

The cooking method is basically no different from the previous version.


How to cook

The sauce is prepared very simply - we need to mix well in one bowl all the specified components.


Once the sauce is ready, you can start frying the cutlet. This is done exactly as in the recipe above - everything is simple and nothing complicated.


At the very end, you need to put a piece of cheese on the cutlet, so that it can melt a little.


Be sure to fry the bun on the inside in a pan - dry or oiled, as you prefer.


When all the preparations are done, you can start assembling the burger.


On the bottom bun spread ketchup.

We put a slice of cheese.

Next is a burger patty with another cheese plate on it.

Then we have the tomatoes, cut into rings. A couple of tomatoes are enough.

A piece of lettuce.

Cucumbers cut into thin slices.

A teaspoon of mustard sauce.

After that, a teaspoon of the sauce we made at the beginning.

A couple of rings of onion.

We smear a little ketchup on the top bun and place it on top of our burger. That's it - our beautiful, beautiful and incredibly tasty Royal de Luxe is ready!


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