The U.S. evaluated the modernization of the Russian T-90M

Modernized T-90M tank was demonstrated at the "Army-2021" forum in August. The vehicle with the over-the-horizon vision system was appraised in the US. The National Interest magazine pointed out the export prospects of the Russian tank.

In September, a TASS source in the military-industrial complex said that tests of the upgraded T-90M tank were being prepared. According to him, the tank received an additional set of optronic systems. The upgraded vehicle was demonstrated at the Army-2021 forum.

Later, a representative of the Defense Ministry added that the tank was equipped with a thermal imaging device on a mast-mounted device. This will enable the T-90M crew to observe from cover. The range of recognition of the target of the "tank" type is 8 kilometers.

The National Interest notes that the new T-90M will not only complement the Russian arsenal, but will also be of interest to foreign customers. The tank has received a new Kalina fire control system, modern dynamic protection Relikt, and a new turret.

The author of the material assumes that the new modifications of the T-90 can compete with the Chinese tanks. In August Rosoboronexport (a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec) announced that a light version of the T-90 was being developed for export markets. The promising vehicle could occupy the niche of the VT5 light tank.

In September the Zvezda TV channel published a video of tests of the dynamic protection Relikt. Specialists tested the probability of the protection unit triggering from a bullet hit by a 12.7 caliber 108 millimeter cartridge.


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