The US has warned of a sharp backlash against NATO in the West over Russia

MOSCOW, 18 October - RIA Novosti. The integration of Russia and Belarus will lead to a dramatic NATO setback to the West. This is the opinion of 19Fortyfive columnist Sarah White.

In her opinion, Moscow and Minsk will soon "merge into one in every sense. This is confirmed not only by the economic processes between the two countries, but also by the massive joint military exercises "West-2021," writes the author. The North Atlantic Alliance is also concerned that Belarus may buy S-400 air defense systems from Russia, White noted.


"Moscow's presence in the political, economic and military spheres of this country dramatically pushes NATO's eastern flank further to the West. The alliance states are also in the grip of Russia's army and armaments in Kaliningrad," the article says.

What once "seemed like an improbable scenario" has now become an "alarming reality", she lamented. The unification of Russia and Belarus is a "threat" to members of the North Atlantic alliance that should not be underestimated, she concluded.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no aggressive plans against any state. At the same time, Moscow has observed growing NATO military activity near its borders. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has said that the alliance's actions are often "openly anti-Russian. At the same time, the ministry is taking all necessary measures to neutralize the threats, he assured.


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