The world's first electric cargo ship

Electric vehicles are gradually gaining popularity all over the world. Following cars and trucks, it was decided to equip water transport with an electric motor.


For the first time in history, an electric cargo ship was launched in China. The Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd was engaged in the construction of the vessel, and the ship with a displacement of 2000 tons was presented to the public at the shipyard. Its engines, which run entirely on electricity, do not cause any damage to the ecosystem, which is especially important in regions with dense sea traffic.


It has a cruising range of 80 km and can be fully recharged in two hours, which is how long it will take to unload it in port. On request, the ship can be equipped with a large number of lithium batteries.


Of course, the range of the electric cargo ship on a single charge is very short, and the maximum speed of 12.8 km/h is not enough, but at this stage it is only a test model, which will be tested at the shoreline.


In the meantime, popularizing the topic of electric vehicles, we are bringing to life the saying "everything new is well forgotten old". After all, electric cars appeared before gasoline cars, and at first they were extremely popular.


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