The young and talented artist Alexei Zimin is a rising star in the sky of contemporary art

The young and talented artist Alexei Zimin is a rising star in the sky of contemporary art. He is one of the ambitious and bright representatives of the painting world. Alexei tries himself in different styles and creates stunning masterpieces, one of which was a painting called "Golden Lightning", painted in 2018.


The artist did this work in a traditional style, but with the addition of gold leaf and silver. Such paintings are quite common both in contemporary art exhibitions and in the interior. The gold leaf (silver) is a great material for the artist's work, as it makes the painting brighter and more effective.


A landscape in front of us. Presumably, it is July, because this month is famous for large thunderstorms and heavy rains. The painting depicts a lone birch tree. The only tree in the field immediately attracts attention, but the author decided to shift the center to the left side. This is not surprising, as most artists try to shift the center of the composition.


The birch tree is located on a small slope, and there are several hills around it. Probably there used to be a birch grove, which people used to go to more than once. Now there are no trees left, only a small birch lurking and bored, because a man is not interested in visiting a lonely tree.


The deep blue color of the sky suggests that the sky is already overcast, and very soon large drops of rain will fall on the world. Also visible in the gloomy sky is a gray cloud that has settled over a lone birch tree. The gray cloud is huge and merciless, for it has decided to strike the lone tree with lightning. The bright strands hit right into the trunk of the tree and pierce it through with their energy. This is strongly felt, because a yellow light appeared at the bottom of the tree from the lightning. One gets the impression that the lightning decided to gather all its strength, power, and anger and pour it out on the unfortunate tree.


Looking at this work, you have mixed feelings. On the one hand, you observe the tree and its loneliness. In such thoughts, the birch tree comes alive and becomes human. Now the field looks like life, and the tree looks like a lonely man who has lost all sense of his existence. No one will help him, no one is around, and there is no one to protect him even from the most dire circumstances, in the form of a lightning strike. One would like to do everything to help such a person and give him happiness.


If one looks at the lightning, one can feel all the power and ruthlessness of the formidable mistress of the gloomy sky. It is harsh, oppressive and dangerous. The lightning seeks to demonstrate its power. But for whom? For the lone tree? Could it alone handle a hundred such birches? I don't think so. And people like that are found in life. They are the kind of people who can humiliate the weak, but they don't have the courage to go against the strong.


After getting acquainted with this painting, you think about loneliness. You wouldn't want to be that lonely tree in the middle of the field. One must have strength and fight all the obstacles that life has prepared. And the most important thing is not to lose your loved ones, because they are often the ones who give you the confidence to go on and not give up!


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