These are 5 reasons why many people continue to play Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is now booming in the world. Many people play it, both players from Indonesia and players from other countries. This smartphone game does offer something interesting, where we join in one team and fight other teams online. Many choices of heroes that players can choose, ranging from Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Tank, Support, and Fighter.


As a Mobile Legends player, surely you will continue to play this game every day. But do you already know, why do you keep playing it, Loopers? Actually, it's not just you. Many people who try Mobile Legends for the first time keep getting addicted to playing it constantly. How can it be like that? Here are 5 reasons, Loopers.

1. Mobile Legends makes you laugh

Yes, laugh, because there are so many moments in the game that can make us laugh. For example, when you see an enemy walking alone without looking at the map, then you and your team pick up the player and beat him to death.

Or when you are critical and being chased by the enemy, then you keep running towards the team, so the enemy who is chasing you will die. Not to mention seeing the behavior of player kids who like to smack. Many funny things happen in the Mobile Legends game.

2. Mobile Legends is annoying

Usually when people feel annoyed, then he will leave something that has annoyed him. But in Mobile Legends, the more annoyed you are, the more you want to keep playing it. For example how? You play in ranked mode and hope your rank goes up. But you lost, so your rank dropped. This irritates you. Surprisingly you didn't stop, but instead you continued to play Mobile Legends so that your rank could rise again.

3. Can show off rank to friends

In Mobile Legends, players can connect this game with their Facebook account. When connected, Facebook friends automatically become friends in the game. Thus, players can show off their already high rank to their friends. If the rank is not high? Yes, it is certain that the player will continue to play this game for push ranking.

4. Mobile Legends made famous

In this game, there is a list of top players that will be listed in the Laderboard section. Who doesn't want to be famous? Everyone wants to be famous. Cannot enter as the owner of the highest rank, at least you can enter as a player who is an expert in using certain heroes. To get it all, you have to be diligent in playing ranked mode in the Mobile Legends game.

5. Play it anywhere

No need to go to an internet cafe to play this Moba genre game. With just a smartphone of all kinds and internet data, we can immediately connect online with the team and fight against the enemy team. You can play it while lying down, while sitting, or while snacking. You can play it at home, at school, work, cafe, or even in the cinema maybe. There are even many players who play it while hanging out in the toilet, hehehe….


Mobile Legends is really fun and addictive, but don't forget your obligations because of this game, Loopers. So that your game runs smoothly and there is no signal interference, let's always use the Loop Package internet package, which is cheap and has abundant quota, Loopers.


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