These are the 10 Most Beautiful Gamers in Indonesia

12The development of the world of games to date is very much different from the previous 10 years. If previously games were always underestimated by parents, now games can be used as a main profession such as livestreamers, pro players and many others.

Even though until now gamers are still dominated by men, it turns out that there are not a few women who are known to be great at playing games. Even their skills can be said to be on par with male gamers in general and of course they should not be taken lightly!

In addition to having quite great skills, the face and curves of a female gamer are also an added value to be known more. Of the many female gamers today, there are at least 10 of the sexiest gamers in Indonesia in our opinion who can make you fail to focus when you see them. Want to know who they are?

Let's just take a look at the 10 sexiest gamers in Indonesia

Kimi Hime

Ranked first, of course there is the name Kimi Hime as the sexiest gamers in Indonesia. Starting from accidentally uploading the excitement of playing Dota 2 on his personal YouTube channel, who would have thought that Kimi Hime would be noticed by several esports teams in Indonesia as their brand ambassador?

Apart from being a BA, Kimi is also active as a youtuber who often does livestreaming and uploads content for several games such as Dota 2, PUBGM and many others. However, a few moments ago Kimi Hime had a problem because she always wore bold clothes that showed her sexy body coupled with the clickbait thumbnails she used.

Sarah Viloid

In the second position is filled by beautiful and sexy gamers, namely Sarah Olivia Santoso or better known as Sarah Viloid. The figure of Sarah Viloid became known to the public when she became a player and manager of the Revival Ladies Dota 2 team a few years ago. Since then, his name has skyrocketed, which has made him a brand ambassador for ROG and a well-known YouTuber to this day.

In addition to these achievements, Sarah Viloid's appearance is also another reason for her to be increasingly known by the public, especially when attending several Indonesian esports events. Yep, he often wears clothes that are minimal enough to show his body shape which is the center of attention of men.

Belle Bollo

Belle Bollo or commonly known as "Cici Nasi Padang" is a youtuber and also a beautiful gamer in Indonesia. Usually the game genre that is often played by Belle Bollo is a horror genre game. The character and personality of a Belle Bollo is another reason why he has many fans until now.

Erika Su

In the fourth position there is a beautiful gamer from Banda Aceh, namely Erika Su. Yep, Erika Su is a youtuber who is very well known for playing various games such as Point Blank, PUBGM, Dota 2 and others.

Not only great at playing games, Erika Su is also known as a very smart figure. Even at the age of 20, Erika can already speak at least 6 languages fluently. So don't be surprised if there are so many gamers who idolize this beautiful and sexy gamer.

Claudia “Claupaw” Rina

Claupaw is a well-known LoL PC game livestreamer in 2017. Apart from being active as a livestream, Claupaw also had time to try other esports worlds, namely talent in several esports teams such as Bigetron Esports and also Red Bull Rebellion.

But entering 2020, Claupaw looks more active in uploading content on his YouTube channel. The content also varies, in addition to showing his prowess in playing games, he also uploads the excitement of his daily activities or the excitement behind the tournament.

Renisia Jeni Hulia

Renisia Jeni Hulia or more familiarly called Renisia is one of the sexy pro FPS players in Indonesia. At first, Renisia joined Recca Esports in the Point Blank division. However, several years later, Renisi became interested in the PUBGM game, which at that time was indeed widely played by Indonesian gamers.

Having the ability above the average female gamers in general finally made Renisia join several esports teams, namely ONIC Esports and also MORPH Esports. The beauty of a Renisia managed to make her the center of attention of men when she attended several LAN tournaments she participated in.

MORPH Scelia

Ellisa Novia or better known as Scelia is a beautiful and sexy gamer who is great at playing FPS genre games. Because of his prowess, finally MORPH Esports was interested in bringing him into their PUBGM squad.

During her career in the world of esports, Scelia has achieved many achievements. One of the proudest achievements was reaching the Grand Final of the PMPL Indonesia Season 2 Ladies Tournament.

Jessica Jane

Jessica Jane is a very beautiful and sexy YouTuber Mobile Legend game. At the beginning of his career as a YouTuber, Jess No Limit's younger brother often showed his prowess in playing Mobile Legends. But for now, Jessica Jane is more likely to upload content such as challenges and culinary delights.

Jessica Jane's name was also a hit when she published her romance with Ericko Lim, who is known to be ambivalent or having an affair with a female Mobile Legends player from the EVOS Ladies team, Listy Chan.

Clara Mongstar

Clara Mongstar may be considered the most beautiful and sexiest female esports caster in Indonesia. Apart from being beautiful, Clara Mongstar's ability to speak and communicate in conveying information is also the reason why she is one of the best casters in Indonesia who has been invited to several esports events and tournaments.

Apart from being a successful caster, Clara Mongstar is also known as a brand ambassador for a gaming laptop in Indonesia and also a team manager for an Indonesian esports team.

BTR Alice

BTR Alice is a beautiful gamer who joined Bigetron Esports. Alice's prowess in playing PUBGM made her the only woman who joined the Bigetron RA squad which currently dominates the PMGC 2020 tournament standings.

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