"They remove those who interfere." Former Finance Minister Umansky spoke about sanctions against "Strana"

Former Finance Minister of Ukraine Igor Umansky believes that before imposing sanctions against Strana editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva and the publication itself, evidence of a violation of the law must be provided and brought to court.


The ex-minister wrote about this on his web page on Saturday, August 21.


"If the publication Strana.ua is really anti-Ukrainian, prove it in court and we will respect the decision of the authorities. Instead, there are continuous" ifs "and no courts! We are told about some secret evidence that we must believe. But we have enough reason so as not to believe, "wrote Umansky.


In addition, he turned to the opponents of our publication, who could rejoice at the imposed sanctions. After all, the authorities should not close the opposition media outlets and retain full informational control for themselves - this will make it possible to broadcast false information.


"It is a mistake to think that they close (imprison, shoot) only those who" deserve ". This is not so. They remove those who interfere. And today they are, and tomorrow it may be us or someone who we like", summed up the ex-minister.

As a reminder, the National Security and Defense Council yesterday imposed sanctions against the editor-in-chief of the Internet newspaper "Strana.ua" Igor Guzhva and the publishing companies. Today, President Zelenskiy signed a decree introducing sanctions into force. "Country" publishes all the details in the updated material.


Nevertheless, our publication continues to work, we have written in detail about how to read the news of the "Country" now.


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