Things to do in Berlin

Fly to Berlin today, the German capital. A city with a rich and fascinating past is best explored in all its complexity. The city's inhabitants combine rugged local character with the ever-changing architecture, making for a unique experience. Visit Berlin's world-class museums, well-preserved landmarks, and luxurious sightseeing.


In Berlin, you have plenty of attraction sites to see and quite many activities you can do. These include;

  • Brandenburg Gate. In Pariser Platz, you will see the gate built-in 1788 in honor of King Frederick Wilhelm II.


  • Museum land. See the cluster of five museums representing the different aspects of German history built from 1830 to 1930.


  • Berlin Wall Memorial. Stop at the visitor center and watch a film on the wall's history.


  • Berlin's Holocaust Memorial. Visit the visitor center and learn about the history of the memorial of the Murdered 6 million Jews.


  • Zoo Berlin. Visit the zoo to see over twenty thousand animals.


Berlin Tegel Airport is the main airport in Berlin. It offers two transportation options to get to the city center of Berlin and back to the Tegel airport. A taxi ride will take about 24 minutes and cost about €32. However, buses will get you to the city center in about 30-40 minutes for just €3. The second airport, called the Schönefeld Airport, also has taxis, buses, and trains which will take you to the city center in thirty to fifty minutes.


Get a taste of Berlin by visiting historical sites, museums, zoos, restaurants, and much more. Book your plane ticket today!


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