Think like Steve Jobs. 10 smart tips for success

Think like Steve Jobs. 10 smart tips for success  


One of the most successful people of our time is Steve Jobs. In addition to his achievements in the field of IT technology, he left behind a legacy of wise advice that makes you think and motivates you. Steve Jobs became a legend during his lifetime and surely we have something to learn from him. 


1. Do what you love to do 

Work takes up most of your life, and the only way to get satisfaction from spending that time is to love your work. Do what you love to do. If you don't know what you like, look it up, try it, you're bound to find it. 


2. Learn to say "no" 

If you respect yourself, your values and your time, learn to say "no". It's okay that your plans sometimes don't mesh with what others want. To soften the rejection, you can accompany it with an explanation - for example, "no, because I'm up to my ears in work". By the way, "I do not want" will also do. You have every right to want or not to want something. No excuses. 


3. Not to dream, but to act 

The problem with most people, Jobs said, is that they prefer to dream rather than act. Great people not only act, but also take risks. And they are not afraid to fail, because failure is also a result and a new experience. 


4. Teamwork  

Jobs often cited The Beatles as an example. Those four guys, when they came together, got a result greater than just the sum of the addends. Don't implement anything alone. Especially when it comes to business. Only teams can do big things. 


5. Look for simple solutions 

When solving a problem don't dwell on complicated schemes that immediately come to mind. Be patient, go to the heart of the problem, take the husk out of it, and you will come up with a simple and elegant solution.  


6. Turn to experts 

One person can't know everything. Don't be afraid to turn to experts for help. Only by being in touch with the world you can conquer the latter. Hermits and those who rely only on themselves never succeed. 


7. Listen to yourself

Don't live someone else's life. Discard everything that others have instilled in you - religion, way of thinking, values. Don't let the voices of others subdue your own voice. Listen to yourself and have the courage to follow your heart. Even if everyone looks at you like you are crazy. 


8. Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Jobs is one of those people who once lost $250 million. "It's a very good personality builder," Jobs said when discussing mistakes and losses. A successful person is one who makes mistakes and changes his plans based on failures. One does not make mistakes who does nothing. 


9. Happiness is not about money 

Jobs was not inspired by the idea that he would become the richest man in the graveyard. He was motivated by the idea that he was doing something unique. Indeed, life is fleeting and to be motivated by money itself, in general, is pointless. Enjoy the process and be inspired by the changes that are happening within you and around you.  


10. Live in the here and now 

Speaking of life. Think about its finitude regularly. Steve Jobs taught to constantly ask the question, "If today were the last day of my life, what would I do?" Asking yourself that more often will help you focus on what's most important and not be distracted by extraneous things.


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