Three vitamins without which women age faster

According to trichologist and cosmetologist Tatiana Egorova, premature aging of the skin in women can be caused by a lack of several vitamins and other useful trace elements.

- This is vitamin D, everything is clear here, We are also talking about vitamin C and iron – these vitamins are the most important, they are the main ones.


The doctor stressed that it is necessary to take some medications that can make up for the deficiency of certain vitamins, trace elements or minerals only on the recommendation of a doctor. Tests, at the same time, must be passed in advance. Their results will have to reveal a vitamin deficiency.

- It is also necessary to take vitamins correctly, - she said– - First a dose of saturation is given, and only then a maintenance dose. Everything is quite individual – that's why you need to constantly monitor the situation. Any excess of the dose can provoke some harmful consequences.


Another specialist - therapist Natalia Lagnina explained that most people suffer from a lack of vitamin D in the blood. But it is he who is important for maintaining the normal functioning of the body and preventing a variety of diseases.

"The role of vitamin D is difficult to overestimate—" she concluded. — He also performs a huge number of functions. Its deficiency can provoke the development of rickets in children, which is why it is often added to infant formula. He also takes part in the prevention of osteoporosis.


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