Tired of smartphone shovels? Here's a compact smartphone from a world-renowned brand

The name of this hero is Sony Xperia 10 II Dual


Ergonomics. You will be comfortable to hold the device in your hand, because of the elongated form factor, which adhere to the Sony. The smartphone is narrow, but it's not very tall.

Cameras. There is nothing to say, because we have a product from Sony themselves, who are famous for their cameras. 

Extras. The smartphone has a 3.5 mm jack for headphones, for someone it may be important. Also pleased with the fingerprint scanner built into the power button. In my experience, it is very convenient. And the cherry is the presence of NFC.


Camera. Yes, although the camera is good, it has its disadvantages. But it will be essential only for fans of night shooting, because in the dark time of day the smartphone shoots terribly, everything is very smeared.

Processor. There is an old Snapdragon 665, which in general is not bad, but already outdated. If you play simple games or do not play at all, this stone is enough for you, the rest definitely not.

Price. On the one hand, of all the mid-range compacts I know, this is one of the least expensive. On the other hand, considering its features, it has a very big price tag.


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