You think she likes you, but do you know how to read the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually? There probably have been hundreds of times where you saw an attractive girl at school, the club, or on the street. Or maybe there’s a woman that’s connected to your group of friends, but you don’t know if you should make a move.

Perhaps you thought she wouldn’t be into you or that she’d reject you before you even said hi.

But were you paying attention while she discreetly stared at you? Did you notice the little smile she gave you as you walked by? You probably didn’t think that those were signs a woman is attracted to you sexually, but they were! 

How to read the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

Women are more likely to be low-key and subtle with the signs of their sexual interest, while men tend to be bolder. A lot of women prefer men to be the ones approaching them, rather than the other way around. And if that’s her preference and she is into you, she will definitely use subtle signs to let you know that you should make a move.

But, what are the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually? We compiled all of them in this feature. They may be subtle, but they’re there for you to read.

1. Eye contact

Just because she was looking at you, it doesn’t automatically mean she’s interested. Gazes may be easily misinterpreted.

But if a woman is sexually interested, a good way to tell is by the way she looks at you. If she is flirty, she will probably make sure to maintain prolonged eye contact. Which means she will stare just a little longer than usual. 

It can also happen that she’s shy, which will cause her to avoid eye contact almost completely. Regardless of the type of woman you are dealing with, if she is sexually attracted to you, the way she looks at you will definitely be far from normal or casual.

2. She sits close to you

It’s only natural to want to sit close to someone we are sexually attracted to. If you notice that she seems to end up sitting close to you quite often, she is probably into you. Especially if she oftentimes leans in and finds a way to come into your personal space.

If there’s plenty of room, yet, she squishes herself next to you every time – that’s a sign. Sitting next to you will give her the chance to interact, to make sure you notice her, and ultimately, to seduce you. The reality is that if she wasn’t into you, you would never have the chance to get close enough to touch 

3. You catch her staring or glancing at you

Catching a woman staring at you while you are not looking is a major sign that she is sexually attracted to you. If you have a feeling she is observing you while she thinks you are unaware, she is probably admiring you from afar.

Women are deliberate. And if she indeed thinks of you that way, then she probably also places herself in an angle where she gets to both look at you, and make sure you can see her. This is a small, yet powerful tell. 

4. She plays with her hair

This is a bit of a nervous tell, as well as a tactic to flaunt her feminine attributes. Fixing her hair every now and again is normal. But if you keep noticing her playing with her hair while she talks to you, she is most likely trying to seduce you.

A woman’s hair is usually something that signifies their femininity, and that most women pay a lot of attention to, as a part of their sex appeal. If she intends to be sexually appealing to you, she will for sure it as a seduction weapon. [Read: 18 telltale signs a girl is definitely flirting with you]

5. She laughs at your jokes

You may not be a comedian, but she finds whatever you say hilarious. One of the best ways and signs to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually is to pay attention to whether she laughs at your jokes.

Women love a man who makes them laugh, but your jokes probably aren’t even that funny. Why is she laughing? Because she likes you, that’s why. If she laughs, she’s enjoying your company.

6. She touches you

Now, here’s the thing. If a woman isn’t attracted to you, she’s not going to touch you. It’s that simple. But if she finds a way to touch you playfully when she laughs, tries to hug you, touches your hair or hands, well, she wants to get closer to you.

This is her way of working her magic and trying to seduce you. 

7. She mirrors you

This sounds a little too pantomime, but it’s true. Whenever people are attracted to someone, they mirror the other person’s actions. So, perhaps you start noticing that whenever you grab your cup of coffee to take a sip, she does the same.

Pay attention, as mirroring can be a significant tell.

8. She is fidgeting or looks awkward

You may also start noticing that she fidgets whenever you have a conversation. Or that she looks more awkward talking to you than to other people. This can happen especially if she tends to be shy. Shy women are more likely to over-think and not to be in the present moment when interacting with their sexual interests.

Just rest assured that whenever this happens, you are being given a clear sign that she is attracted to you sexually. [Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you – All their secrets revealed!]

9. She compliments you

Even if it’s just the little things. A woman who goes out of her way to compliment her sexual interest *and risks looking like she is attracted to them*, probably is attracted to them.

Whenever she compliments you, she is expressing her attraction, and also creating an opportunity to see how you react. Will you compliment her back? Will you dismiss the compliment? Will you take the opportunity and get flirty with her? The way you respond will tell her if she should push it further, or not.

10. She notices little changes

Compliments are a great way to tell if a woman is into you. But if that compliment is about something small that you happened to just have changed about yourself, then you can be sure that she is paying attention to you.

Most people you know will not care enough to notice the little changes you do in your wardrobe, the tiny hair trim you got, or your new cologne. If she noticed, she is most likely invested and sexually attracted to you!

11. She asks you personal questions

When a girl doesn’t like you, she doesn’t care about your personal life. She most likely never gets past the polite and boring questions typical of casual chitchat.

But if a woman is interested in you, she will want to know everything. What you do on the weekends, where you go out, who your friends are – she will want to get to know you.

By asking you questions, she’s trying to build a bond and add a personal touch to the relationship. Something that most women will do when they are sexually attracted to you. 

12. She smiles a lot

She will want to look happy, relaxed, and fun to be around! And if she likes you, chances are, she’d be smiling and excited just to be around you! So if she is attracted to you sexually, you’ll know because she’d seem really happy while talking to you.

13. She puts effort into her appearance

Some women have a face full of makeup all the time while other women only wear makeup for special occasions. But you may be able to notice if she puts more effort into her appearance when you’re around.

Maybe the clothing she wears is sexier, she always seems to wear heels around you, or you notice that she always has a nice perfume on. Pay attention to these small changes.

14. Preening

If she’s into you, she wants to look her best around you. As a result, she will spend some time getting herself prepped and pretty. Plus, she may also be nervous, which can make her fidget or touch herself nervously.

She’ll fix her hair, make sure her lipstick is on point, and that her shirt isn’t wrinkled. These are small, yet powerful acts of sexual attraction because your presence makes 

15. She will make sure you notice her

She seems to be around all the time. Maybe she befriends someone from your group of friends or starts attending every social event you go to. Can it be a coincidence? Sure, or it can be a sign she is attracted to you sexually.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, if they are into you, women will make sure to take every opportunity they get to be closer to you. Did you suddenly start seeing her everywhere? That may be your cue to try your luck. 


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