Tom Cruise shocked fans by appearing in public with a "puffy" face

Some fans suggested that Botox was to blame, others suggested a course of steroids, and still others saw the consequences of facial plastic surgery.

Always youthful, elegant and slender Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has stunned his fans with changes in appearance. At a baseball game, he appeared with a severely rounded, as if swollen, face. The newspaper Fox News writes that Cruz came with his son to the sporting event as an ordinary fan, and suddenly got on the big media screens at the stadium. When the camera showed a close-up of the entertainer, he smiled and waved. But his big round cheeks sent fans into shock. Fans of the 59-year-old artist on social media have already accused him of Botox abuse. Others have suggested that Tom Cruise is taking a course of steroids.

"That's Tom Cruise. He probably took a course of steroids," a fan posted a photo of him on the Web. "No, it's called aging," other fans can't get over the artificial intervention. "You can't age one face, but the body remains chunky," noted a third.


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