Top 10 action movies to watch in 2020


Plot: This is the story of how one day a very clever businessman came up with a scheme to illegally enrich drugs, after which he got rich. From the first shots the film is a great aesthetic pleasure to watch, from the effective shooting, the rough editing and the great attention to detail and atmosphere. It's absolutely a Ritchie movie, and it's not about juice at all. It's about juicy action, hilarious dialogue, and an extremely layered narrative that's easy to get confused if you blink even once.

2.The argument.

Plot: Even a super-cinema won't be able to 100% get through the film the first time around. Here we have an extremely complex concept based on physical and quasi-physical laws. To put it crudely, Nolan, as one would expect, rather swiftly mixes two time lines in the film, one of which moves in the opposite direction. You can see how Christopher diligently squeezes the maximum out of the idea of inversion.

3.Tyler Rake.

Plot: At the epicenter of the action is a man of transcendent professional qualities, Tyler. He's smart, he's strong, he's special - everything you need for a man who can bounce back from machete swings, dodge bullets and defeat a dozen opponents in combat. However, his next mission becomes not so regular, which leads to unforeseen difficulties.

4.Bad Guys Forever

Plot: Detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett reunite again to delight viewers. While watching at first, you can clearly notice echoes of the author's direction of the first two pictures by Michael Bay, whose first film in his career, by the way, was exactly "Bad Guys".

5. cross the line.

Plot: About how this time Mario Casas has no luck with the girl. He sits like this in the local bar, not so brutal and confident anymore. His back is slightly hunched over, his tired eyes demanding glasses. The day before he decided to indulge in a nice drink to loosen up from his hard work. Thoughts of going on a round-the-world trip with his sister and forgetting for a while about the dreary everyday life are on his mind.

6.Extreme Work

Plot: Detectives in the drug squad are always in trouble and unable to complete the simplest of tasks. And the colleagues in the other group, though younger than their captain, have already been promoted. One day he gives these losers a tip-off, and now our heroes have a whole week to keep an eye on a gang of drug dealers, sitting in an empty cafe across the street. At some point, however, they realize that frying chicken is far more profitable than detective work.


Plot: American naval officer Krause is appointed captain of the destroyer 'Greyhound', where his main task is to guide the ships through the waters of the Atlantic, where German submarines are lurking, with no experience in warfare. Captain Ernst Krause of the lead destroyer Greyhound, who had not previously participated in hostilities, has to lead the defense and fight off the so-called "wolf pack."


Plot: A comet flies to earth that will inevitably kill some of the population, but civil engineer John Garrity is more concerned about keeping his crumbling marriage alive. Tonight they have a party scheduled with the neighbors, and after heading to the supermarket for groceries, John suddenly receives a presidential message that he and his family have been chosen to be rescued in a secret bunker.

9.Deliver us from the evil one.

Plot: A professional assassin, and formerly a secret operative for the South Korean secret services, travels from Seoul to Bangkok to find his nine-year-old daughter, who has been kidnapped, and take revenge on her mother's killers. But the situation is complicated by the fact that a cruel and ruthless killer, who wants him dead, is following in his footsteps, as the main character has sent his brother, a yakuza, to the other world shortly before these events...

10.Train to Busan 2: Peninsula

Plot: Four years after the outbreak of a terrible virus, only a small part of South Korea is left, where it is still possible to live. Zombies run rampant all over the country and there is no way to escape from the peninsula. Han Jeong-seok, a former serviceman who managed to evacuate in due time, is sent from Hong Kong to the restricted area to find a truck with money. It's going to be an unforgettable adventure!


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