Top 10 Best Brain Games for Android

What are the best brain games? We've found some of the most entertaining and innovative games out there. Whether you want to hone your memory or improve your reaction skills, there's a game for everyone!


1. Brain Dots:

Brain Dots is a fun, addictive puzzle game that tests your mental power as well as hand-eye coordination. This simple concept draws you into a world of shapes and colors on the screen. Solve complex puzzles by aligning differently colored shapes of the same color to remove them from the board. With more challenging levels, height differences, and size changes to consider, this game will keep you entertained for months!


2. Maths – Riddles and Puzzles Maths Games:

Math is an essential part of our daily life and learning. Maths games are a great way to improve your memory and help you comprehend numbers. These maths games keep your brain active because the puzzles require you to use logical thinking, memory, concentration and problem-solving skills. They will also help teach you how to work on a problem collaboratively with other people.


3. Lumosity: Brain Training:

Lumosity brain training is not just a game, but the first step toward improving your cognitive health. It makes you focus and lets you enjoy activities that you wouldn’t typically do otherwise. We teach your brain different skill sets which can have an increasing impact on your cognitive function.


4. brain code - hard puzzle game

Brain Codeis a fun, brain training and puzzle game. In the game, you will find a variety of challenges and puzzles. These puzzles are designed to train your brain and improve logical thinking skills. The game is based on a unique strategy that makes it very addictive. By combining the real challenges with beautiful graphics, Brain Code ensures that the user will have an unforgettable experience while playing the game.


5. EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box:

EnigmBox is a smart puzzle box where you can solve logic puzzles by solving the puzzles inside. One by one, each puzzle consists of two dots with a number between them that means how much they're separated on the map. After solving or finding out how many dots are inside, you need to tap on them and teleport them together. Once all of the dots are together, it's your goal to place the remaining ones correctly in order to make them disappear from there


6. Elevate - Brain Training Games:

Elevate is a fun and engaging brain training game that allows you to test your cognitive abilities by completing challenging puzzles. Elevate combines the best of classic arcade games with a new doodle mode designed to assist users that struggle to concentrate. It also invites users to share their results on social media using the in-game hashtag, which creates an active community of gamers eager for new content and ideas.


7. Brain It On:

Brain It On is a great puzzle game for your brain. This game uses the same function as Memory Match and Memory Tetris, but with a whole new twist. It challenges you to find the exact memory that completes the sequence of items displayed on the board. Your objective is to move all volume blocks (tiles) of the same color into their matching color in order to fill up the boards. The more matching blocks you clear, the higher score you get!


8. Orixo:

Orixo is a math game for kids and adults. It combines the traditional mind-training technics with a refreshing style and accessible gameplay which will help you to create some short-term gains in your mental health, while you learn to recognize the different concepts.


9. Unblock Me:

Unblock Me Free is a fun puzzle game for everyone to enjoy. This game will give you the same excitement you had playing our other games but with a new set of challenges that you have yet to experience. With 60 challenging puzzles it will take hours of gameplay to conquer them all, so why not save yourself the hassle and play this game while you are waiting on hold!


10. Brain Out: Can you pass it?

A fun and challenging brain teaser game that challenges the player to remember things in the right order by thinking of random pairs and items. One of the most popular games among players.


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