Top 10 books about harmonious relationships in marriage

1. "The Happy Wives Club," Von Weaver


 Under the cover are 27 stories of women from different parts of the world who are completely different from each other. Only one thing is common: a happy marriage. And all of these wives share their personal secrets in the book. But as it turns out, almost every happy family has some principles, following which you can fill a marriage with happiness.

What are they? Respect for each other, trust, daily rituals, a sense of humor that makes relationships easy, mutual support, no backups, the right environment that shares common values with spouses.

2. "How to Save a Marriage. How to Repair a Fractured Relationship," Jenike Duncan, Carder Dave

This book begins with a dedication " my wife Ronnie, for more than 25 years creating that special world of our marriage that makes my life so rich. There are those who have been happily married for 25 years? Yes, and that's the author of the book. Agree, that instantly inspires confidence in the text, and also the fact that the book compiles the real stories of 20 couples who survived infidelity and rebuilt their family home.

What will you have to go through? How do you respond to changes in your spouse's behavior? What to do when you see clear evidence of cheating? The author gives answers to specific questions that every person caught in a love triangle.

3. "21 Ways to Make Family Life Happy," Henry Cloud, John Townsend

Modern life has a very fast pace that the founding fathers of family psychology of the last century did not consider in many ways. That is why today's problems require newer and "fresher" solutions. The book is a real find for those who do not want to in this hellish whirlwind of days and worries to lose the most precious and fragile - the joy of communicating with your spouse. A collection of practical tips on how to save and refresh relationships in marriage. They are exactly 21.

Any habit is developed for 21 days, so develop a habit of being happy in your family!

4. "His Needs, Her Needs," Willard Harley

Willard Harley's books have always been popular with readers. Looking at relationships and marriage from a partner's perspective is very challenging. We all want to give and receive only the best, but our needs so often do not coincide with the needs of the partner, and we try to gift them with what we hope to receive ourselves. How do we avoid making this kind of mistake? The answer to this question you will find in the book.

5. "Marriage without yelling and quarreling," Runkel Hal Edward, Jenny Runkel

You can't go many years in a marriage without a single argument. No one can dispute that. Two people inevitably begin to latch on to each other when the hormones run riot and the rose-colored glasses come off. But it is possible to turn conflict into a way of strengthening the marriage rather than destroying the family. For some people it is shocking to see the author's call to look first and foremost at themselves, rather than trying to stand in their partner's shoes. And it's not about selfishness, it's about being able to build a relationship.

6. "Why Men Lie and Women Cry," Alan and Barbara Pease

The authors of many well-known books on gender relations, Alan and Barbara Pease are happy to tell you how to avoid mistakes in the distribution of male and female roles, not only in a couple, but in life in general. It is this, according to the authors, leads to most family conflicts. You will find answers to eternal questions. For example ... Why do men always try to dictate and impose their conditions? Why are men so fond of looking at other women?

7. "365 + one rule of true love for every day of a happy year," Diana Balyko

Everything begins with love! With love for yourself, for life, for loved ones and, of course, your partner. Do you want to live every day happily? Then this book is for you. Our mood is changeable and depends on different circumstances, we experience a very wide range of different emotions.

8. "On the same page. The Neurobiology of Relationships," Amy Banks


 Human beings are first and foremost biological organisms, which means that all relationship processes can be viewed from a medical perspective. The author of the book, a psychiatrist, MD, talks about the intricacies of setting and readjusting your own brain to build successful communication and harmonious relationships.

9. "Man and Woman. Minus 60 problems in relationships," Ekaterina Mirimanova

The book is written by the author on the basis of personal experience, which is a consequence of much work on himself. Catherine Mirimanova is the author of several books on weight loss and self-transformation for the better. Easy language of presentation, not overloaded with psychological terms and complex language, makes it easy to understand even for the unprepared reader. This book is a conversation with a friend in the kitchen in a cozy atmosphere.

10. "Us. Deeper Aspects of Romantic Love," Robert Johnson

The book is based on the myth of Tristan and Isolde and its interpretations. More often than not women talk about romance in a couple, the more valuable reasoning about the deeper aspects of romantic attachment from the mouth of a man. What are the differences between falling in love, love, affection and passion, and why do men behave very differently in relationships with different women?


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